Starry sky, Why is black night then?


These questions seem childish We know that the light on our earth is due to the light of the sun, but when the earth rotates on its axis, on one side, the sun’s light becomes dark, on the other side it is dark.

Over the centuries, the scientists have been troubling the question that if there are innumerable stars in the universe that shine in the night sky then why is the night in the earth at night black and dark?

Knowledgeable in the 19th century that the universe was eternal, there is no end to it and it never changes with time.

At that time the sky was seen as a big movie where innumerable stars always shine.

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Red moon, fluttering sun and shining stars
In an essay titled “Eureka”, author Edgar Allan Poe said that some arguments about the universe were not correct.

He says, “If there is no end to the bed sheet and that is stable, then the shape will look the same every night and no whole universe will be such a place where there are no stars.”

Because of his desire to know more about Akash and his interest in science, he challenged a plea about Akash – that perception was that the universe is eternal.

But in spite of every argument, the question of why blacks are due to the night. With it being innumerable stars, the limitlessness of the universe and everything in the universe has been questioned.

However dark night or else the question of darkness in the universe has helped many things to come out of it.

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There was a paradox
For a long time, probably since the night the earth was formed, the night was black but questions related to its existence began to be asked in the sixteenth century. It took a long time to get satisfactory answer to these questions.

German astronomer Heinrich Wilhelm Olbers had a question in mind that there are millions of bright spots in the sky in the sky, but why is darkness still in the night.

He called this irrational process contradictory. After this, the interest of the people increased on this subject and the dispute began among the people.

In the second decade of the nineteenth century Olbers told this contradictory process called Olbers Paradox.

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If Edgar Allan Poe’s essay “Eureka” speaks to him, he says, “There is no misconception about the astrology for so long and all the talk about the stars of the sky is hardly about anyone else. Would have been done. ”

He said that the number of stars in the sky can not be counted and thus it is not possible to have night (dark). He said, “When we look at the space from the telescope, everywhere we see emptiness, it can be because the limitless space is probably so big that there is no ray of light ever reaching us from there. . ”

In a way, his point was quite right. But there were many things about this endless universe that we did not know.

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Endless universe
Until the twentieth century, astronomers believed that it was impossible to count all the stars in the universe. He also believed that space is also limitless.

Some nineteenth-century scientists, to prove the point of Paradox, said that there are clouds of dust between the stars that absorb the light coming towards the earth so that they can not reach the Earth. Although they did not say that these dust would absorb so much energy that they would start to shine themselves.

After this, a new information emerged in this regard and gradually it became a notion that the universe is not endless.

The universe is a limited place where there are billions of stars but they are not enough that they are not enough to illuminate the entire universe.

But there are many more reasons for staying dark in the universe.

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Our universe is just young
Now we do not believe that the universe is endless. We believe that it is constantly growing and things change in it. It is not only limited size but it also has an age.

Today, 15 billion years ago, our universe was born with a bang named Bing Bang. It was born at a point in the center, since it is constantly growing. It is still growing and the stars and galaxies are getting away from each other.

Although they are not running very fast, but still it takes time to reach the light from one place to another. When astronomers see a Galaxy located 10 million light-years away, in fact they look at the form of that galaxy that was 10 million years ago. Because the light that has come out of this galaxy today will take a lot of time to reach our eyes.

It means that the light coming from the distance is destroyed in the pathway and sometimes the light does not remain in the spectrum which can be seen with the naked eye.

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Rudolph Kippenhan, author of astronomers and science subjects, says that at night, when the sun is on the other side of the earth, we look dark because our knowledge is still incomplete in the cosmos.

He says, “Black night tells us that the stars were not there and the universe was growing ever since.”

It is surprising that there is no need for large telescopes and space stations to tell this important information about the universe. For this, peeping from the window at night is quite enough.

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