Social: Why rage on marriage of Milind Soman

_100981002_1.jpgWhen husband-wife agree What will you do then …

And while fulfilling the proverb, Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar, one another In the wedding ceremony of Milind-Ankita, held in Mumbai’s Alibag from whole Marathi custom on Sundays, only a few guests were invited besides the family members.
Milind with mother
Earlier, many photos of other wedding rituals had come to the social media. Because of the age difference, both of them had to face criticism many times.
He was trolled fiercely on social media.
While Milind is 52 years old, Ankita is quite small. Neither Milind has ever taken these criticisms seriously, nor has Ankita taken any seriously. Both have never even tried to hide their relationship.
Ankita had written some time before posting a picture on her Instagram account, “I do not want to know how it is without you, I do not want to know this world without you.”

Ankita Air Asia has been a cabin crew executive. Ankita, originally from Guwahati, currently lives in Delhi. His profile shows that he is very fond of singing and roaming.
Milind Glamor, along with the world, is also well-nurtured in the fitness world. Milind, who smoked with Alisha Chinai’s video album ‘Made in India’ in the 90s, is also very popular at the age of 52.

Milind has this second marriage. Earlier, he was married to French model Mayilin Jampanoi. Where they divorced

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