Social: Pakistani cricketer’s ‘pageant’ on Wagah Border

_100980976_dywruxbwkaewmnz.jpgFlags of India and Pakistan, both countries, on the Attari-Wagah border daily, are organized by the flag-down serum, which is seen in hundreds of people gathering.

On Saturdays, the common people were gathering on either side of the borders. But then something happened that was shocking. During the Sreemani, a Pakistani bowler looked at the Indian viewers and the BSF jawans and made very strange gestures.
Hassan Ali, Wagah Border
There is a mixed reaction of the people on this ‘objection’. Some people are saying in their support that this is their signature step, which they take on the field after taking wickets, while some people objected to it.

The Pakistani cricket team reached Wagah Border in the final stages of their training camp.

Though as a player, it is his signature step, but BSF has strongly objected to it.

Indian Express quoted BSF inspector, “This action of Hassan is going to harm the dignity and integrity of the Sreemani.” We will express objections to Pakistani Rangers in this regard. Anyone sitting in the viewer’s gallery can do anything but the common man can not occupy any kind of place at the parade site.
Almost 40 seconds of Ali’s action on Wagah is getting viral on the internet. In Pakistan, the ‘Wagah’ trend is also doing.

Fazan Ali, while sharing the video of that occasion, has written, ‘Hasan Ali was seen in his signature style on the Wagah border today.’


Faizan Lakhani

Hassan Ali with his signature style at the Wagah border today.

7:54 PM – 21 April 2018
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Adil Azhar has tweeted, ‘No … I was not impressed by this story of Hasan Ali. I would be more happy to see them playing better on the field. ”


Adeel Azhar
Nope … Not impressed by Hasan Ali’s tamasha at Wagah! Would you like to

7:45 pm – 21 April 2018 · Karachi, Pakistan
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Raza writes that nothing will be done by showing a spectacle on the Wagah border … we have to first confront the economic front of India.


Wagah border does not show anything, we need to economically compete with India first

3:31 am – 22 April 2018
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Amit Sinha writes that ‘Hassan, your decision seems like an illiterate, which is rude …’


Amit Sinha
Hassan Ali … If you had so much aggression to show at the Attari-Wagah border during the traditional flag-lowering ceremony..why did not you just step outside that line and showed us. !! Are you uneducated or just uncivilized and left behind during human evolution ??

11:35 AM – 22 April 2018
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Mohammed Yusuf believes that whatever Hassan did, is very normal and does not need to be provoked.


Muhammad Yousuf
@ Muhamma34221462
I request to indians bro, do not be aggressive too much It was usual. Hassan was not firing at you or your army. Every player supports his people, army and country So he did Wagah

10:46 pm – 21 April 2018
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Hassan Ali, while retweeting a tweet from his fellow player Azhar Ali, wrote, ‘This is the best example of peace.’


Hassan Ali

Best example for peace

9:06 pm – 21 April 2018
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The Pakistan Cricket Board has posted some pictures of Pakistani cricket team going on the Wagah Border, but has also re-tweeted a person named Shahad Khan, in which Ali’s objection has been described as entertaining.


PCB Official

Replying to @TheRealPCB
Pakistan Test Team visit Wagah

7:40 pm – 21 April 2018
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Shadab Khan

@ 76Shadabkhan
my friend @ realHa55an entertaining everyone at the Wahga border He really does not know how to engage the crowd

7:37 pm – 21 April 2018
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