Social: BJP is giving itself stern in Karnataka?


To get power in Karnataka, BJP is making every possible effort in these elections.

But there are some mistakes being made by the BJP between the snatch of power from the Congress and the election preparations. These are the mistakes that are proving ‘self-goal’ for the BJP.

These mistakes are happening from the party’s top leadership to the BJP on social media. The latest mistake comes from Karnataka’s official Twitter.

“The PM Modi will visit Udupi on May 1, 2018,” wrote from the official Twitter handle of BJP Karnataka. Modi is coming. ”


BJP Karnataka

@ BJP4Karnataka
PM Shri @narendramodi will be visiting Udupi on 1st May, 2018. He will be the first visiting Udupi’s Shri Krishna Mutt, and will be addressed in a massive public rally in Udupi. # ModiIsComing

1:15 pm – 22 April 2018
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A photo with this tweet has also been uploaded.

This picture belongs to a scene from HBO’s popular TV series ‘Game of Thrones’. In this scene, Ned Stark, the key character of the series, is holding the sword.

The mistake is that the character’s picture was uploaded from BJP’s Twitter handle with ‘Modi is coming’ caption, the neck was cut off in the series of that character.

Obviously, the attention of the common people had to be noticed on this.
The character of Ned Stark was cut off in Game of Thrones.
The user named Santosh, responding to BJP, says, “Please delete this photo please.” It does not make any sense. Need Stark’s neck was cut off in this series. ”

Sharing the neck-cutting scenes of Ned Stark with Ganesh Series, Suryanarayan writes, “Why are you asking for such a reason for Narendra Modi? We do not do that either. ”
Modi’s argument and BJP’s electoral promise …
A few days ago, on the London tour, PM Modi had said, “There should not be politics on issues such as rap. The rap is rape. ”

But BJP Karnataka did a job within a few days of this statement, which started to shed some people on social media.

Due to the BJP being given an advertisement in Karnataka newspapers

In this advertisement, PM Modi’s picture and rap figures have been presented. Together, “Women and children are living in fear and the Siddha government is in deep sleep.”


Replying to @UberNitsy
BJP Karnataka Elections Is this politicizing rappe or not, Mr PM?

7:41 pm – 22 April 2018
See other tweets of BaddyCop
Twitter Ads Information and Privacy
Post twitter ended @IQnEQ
Wrote Twitter Handel @IQnEQ, “BJP Karnataka is using the picture of Modi in this ad. Mr. Prime Minister, is it to do politics on the rape or not?
Shah has told his own man corrupt!
Date 27 March 2018

BJP President Amit Shah was holding a press conference in Karnataka. During this conference, Amit Shah went astray somewhere in the middle while fulfilling a sentence accusing Congress.

Shah said, “If competition is done for corruption, the Yeddyurappa government will surely get the number one government award in corruption …”

As soon as Amit Shah fulfilled this point, then sitting on his left side East Karnataka BJP President Prahlad Joshi said, “Siddaramaaya is to speak.”

Rahul Gandhi’s pinch on Amit Shah’s mistake
Amit Shah, while correcting the mistake, said, “I am not personally blaming these allegations of being the most corrupt government.” A retired Supreme Court judge has made such remarks about the Siddaramaiah government.
But this video of Amit Shah was viral by then.
‘Modi will do nothing for the poor’
Amit Shah again missed a rally in the month of March. They were giving speeches in Hindi.

Amit Shah said, “Siddaramaiah government could not develop in Karnataka. Believe it on PM Modi, give Yeddyurappa his vote. We will make Karnataka the number one state. ”

According to the NDTV report, BJP MP standing there Prahlad Joshi translated something in Kannada, “PM Modi will do nothing for the poor.” They will ruin the country. ”

Interestingly, this was the same Prahlad Joshi, who corrected Amit Shah’s mistake to tell Yeddyurappa corruption before two days.

Karnataka: Amit Shah’s question of heavyweight Dalits

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