So India is so dependent on China.

_97206017_gettyimages-615005272.jpgNo one knows when and how the end of the deadlock will prevail between India and China at Docmal border. On Thursday, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj gave a big response to the questions of the Opposition on the foreign policy of the Modi Government in the Parliament.

Sushma Swaraj said on tension with China that the stand on India’s docmouth is quite clear. Opposition leader Ramgopal Yadav had advised China to prepare for warfare and tactical power during the tension.

China’s role in India’s development
Sushma Swaraj had rejected this advice and had said that the era has changed. Sushma had said that the identity of the power of a country is not strategic but economical. The Indian Foreign Minister even said that China has a role in India’s economic progress and the solution will not be negotiated by the war.

Are you forgetting to understand China?

China is a challenging strategy to challenge?

Bharat-China bitter, how dangerous is the result?

Did India make a big mistake on Tibet?
Sushma Swaraj says that relations are being expanded through business. There is trade of billions of dollars between China and India. Sushma said this in Parliament on Thursday and said that China also has a role in India’s progress.

Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj said, “In 2014, China invested $ 116 billion in India, which has become $ 160 billion in today’s date. China has invested so much in India. China is also helping to increase our economic potential. The matter is not of objection only. ”
In 2008, China became India’s largest business partner. In a country where China is investing so much, would that war want from that country?

India big market for China

Professor BR Dipak of the Center for Chinese Studies Center in JNU told BBC correspondent Rajneesh Kumar, “Clearly, India is a emerging market for China. China of this market can not ignore. In India, the Chinese telecom company has been since 1999 and they are making a lot of money. India has also benefited from these. ”
He said, “The market of Chinese mobile in India is also very big. China’s market share is 55 to 56 percent. Now Samsung has left behind. China is also engaged in the Delhi Metro. The company named SUGC (Shanghai Urban Group Corporation) is working in Delhi Metro.

India is dependent on China in many areas
Deepak said, “Indian solar market is dependent on Chinese product. It has a business of about two billion dollars. India’s thermal power is also dependent on the Chinese. 70 to 80 percent of the power sector products come from China. Import of raw materials of medicine from India also belongs to China. In this case also India is completely dependent on China. In the last four decades China has copied Western technology and sells cheaply. China has built a high speed line of 20 thousand kilometers, which is the world record so far. ”

Professor Deepak believes that trade with China is not in India’s right. He said that ‘Balance of Trade’ is not in favor of India.
He said, “India imports $ 53 billion annually from China, whereas China imports only 16 billion dollars from India. China imports mainly agricultural produce and raw material from India. ”

India is no better than China
The size of China’s economy is $ 11.5 trillion, while India is five times smaller than China. India’s economy is 2.3 trillion dollars. Professor Deepak said, “There is a trade of $ 300 billion between China and Japan. There is so much antagonism in both of them, even then there is no war. The reason for this is the size of business. In this case India does not stay anywhere. ”
Professor Deepak said, “China contributes 33 percent to the economic development of the world. China’s annual trade with the United States is $ 429 billion. In such a situation, China’s $ 70 billion business of China does not stay anywhere. If there is a small share of India’s share of 11.5 trillion dollars, then China will not make much difference. ”

He said, “India has a capacity of three million tons of Navsera port which is near Mumbai. At the same time Shanghai Port has the capacity of 33 million tonnes of container. There is a huge difference in the capacity of both, and this shows where we are in front of China. China has insisted on reading Hindi and we understand through Hindi. Hindi is being taught in China’s 15 universities, while Chinese language is taught only at Aix-Dukke University of India.

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