Sakshi Maharaj’s Disputed Speech, Got Notice


The Election Commission has sent a notice to the Bharatiya Janata Party MP Vidya Maharaj on the alleged disputed statement and asked for a reply by Wednesday.

Sakshi Maharaj had described a community special on January 7 last year and was responsible for raising the country’s population.

Sakshi Maharaj said at a religious conference in Meerut, “Hindus are not responsible for increasing population in the country, but they are responsible for four or four wives and forty children.”

He said, “Hindu women should produce at least four children to protect their religion.”

‘Hindu women to create at least four children’

The state has to hold assembly elections from next month and the code of conduct is applicable for it. In this case, Sakshi Maharaj’s statement was taken seriously by the administration and an FIR has been lodged against them.

FIR against Sakhi Maharaj
On Tuesday, the Election Commission sent a notice to him and said that initially it seems that it is a violation of code of conduct. Sakhi Maharaj has been given time till Wednesday morning to answer the notice.

Sakshi Maharaj has not given such a statement for the first time, but in fact his controversial statement comes in the headlines.

‘Education of Terrorism’ in Madarsas: Sakshi Maharaj

JNU people have become bare: Sakshi Maharaj

Bharatiya Janata Party has differentiated itself from this latest statement, but has not condemned it.

Party spokesman Harish Srivastava says, “It is his personal statement that the party neither supports any such statement nor is there any permission to give such a statement to a leader or worker.”

In fact, despite the debate in the wake of disputed statements, the party has never taken any action against Sakshi Maharaj and some other leaders, but instead of telling the personal statements of the leaders, it is shattered.

Sakshi Maharaj regrets the statement

5 disputed statements by leaders on women
But being an electoral atmosphere, political parties have expressed strong objection to this statement of Sakshi Maharaj. Congress spokesman Virendra Madan alleges that such statements are part of BJP’s thought-provoking strategy.

However, the commission has taken seriously the statement of Sakshi Maharaj and has sought a report from Meerut district administration for this.

Read the written answer: Sakshi Maharaj

“Ram will make the temple … just let the net speed run fine!”

Sakshi Maharaj has already said that the notice is in English so that he can not answer it in one day only.

But experts say that there should be such a mechanism not to reconsider the question and not to answer it

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