Sachin’s charismatic innings 20 years ago

_100980279_563b9f57-bc41-491c-a4f0-637d62b5403a.jpgApril 22, 1998. Comparison between India and Australia at the Sharjah Stadium.

Whether or not the team reached the team in the final of the Coca-Cola Cup, it was to be settled by Australia’s match-winning match.

Steve Waugh won the toss and decided to bat first. Michael Bevan’s unbeaten 101 and Mark Waugh’s excellent 81 helped Australia score 284 runs in 50 overs.

India had to make 254 runs to reach the final, then the team could have left New Zealand behind the net run rate.

Sachin Tendulkar was the opening batsman of the team. In the 29 overs, India had lost four wickets and the team’s score was 138. Only then did the storm of dust begin. Sachin stood on the wicket

About this typhoon, Sachin Tendulkar has written in his autobiography Playing It My Way: “I have never seen a dust storm in my life, from the one end of the ground to the other end, there was a high wind, five feet five inches I was scared that the storm would not blow me anywhere, so I stood behind the Australian wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist and if he got blown away I would catch him. ”
That memorable innings of Sachin
However, this storm did not have any effect on Tendulkar’s freshness. After the thunderstorm when the game started, India had to score 276 runs in 46 overs to win, 237 runs to qualify for the final. That was to create at least 100 runs in 17 overs.

Sachin Tendulkar took the lead on his own. When he came, he made the Australian bowler Tom Moody six.

He scored 143 off 131 balls. With 9 fours and 5 sixes This innings of Tendulkar could not win the team India, but the team managed to make a place in the final.

Thanks to their turn, people forgot Sand Storm and started to remember this match by the name of Sachin Storm.

Sachin’s innings shocked Australia’s fast bowler Michael Kasparovitz, Damien Fleming was not confident, and Shane Warne later said that Tendulkar’s sixes kept him scared in the dream.

Sachin Tendulkar was not out in the 43rd over when Damien Fleming was bowled out, he was also seen in the match.
Next match
The ball they were dismissed was considered by all analysts including Sachin to be no ball. People of this innings of Sachin have not forgotten even after 18 years. Along with that, Tony Greig’s voice, commenting on the match on TV, also reminds people.

However, Sachin Tendulkar completed the deficiency of this innings after two days on April 24 in the final played.

He scored 134 runs in 131 balls in the final, with the help of 12 fours and three sixes. Thanks to his century, India had won the Coca-Cola Cup.

Later in the press conference Australian captain Steve Waugh said that his team was defeated by Sachin Tendulkar.

Sachin Tendulkar has made 100 international centuries in his entire career but when he is concerned about his special hundreds, his two centuries in Sharjah have been remembered for the first time.

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