Rape cases with girls will be stopped by death penalty?

_100977406_34c6eaab-2f5f-4b68-b9d4-8b2a18b47e40.jpgRecently, in the cases of rape with minor girls and minor girls, the demand for hanging for the rapists was started within the country.

Delhi Women’s Commission Chairman Swati Malliv sat on hunger strike demanding rape convicts to be hanged in six months.

A week ago, Central Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi talked about early amendment in Child Sexual Harassment Protection Act of Poxo and presented an Ordinance to the Union Cabinet, which has been approved on Saturday.

After becoming a law, the court will now be able to hear the guilty guilty of death if proved to be a crime in such cases.

Death sentence for children up to 12 years of rape

‘I am not fasting with a beggar’
Will rigorous cases of rape stop?

The well-known lawyer and human rights activist Vrinda Grover told BBC correspondent Abhijit Srivastava that nothing would be possible by making provision for death sentence. She says that the government “is going to trouble this step, the government is not serious about this matter.”

She says, “There are many reasons for not being punished in such cases and the government is not doing any work towards improving them. When the blame is not proven, then where will the punishment be? The government is saying that the solution But they are really misleading the people by saying the death sentence. ”

“There will be no change in these things.” Figures show that they do sexual violence with children who already know them. So in such a situation, after the proposed amendment in Poxo, families and themselves may be in such cases. Will not come out. ”

“Death penalty is being eliminated in many developed countries, while there are many countries where there is still a provision for death penalty for it.”

What is the punishment of rape with girls in the world?
Will reporting such cases be reduced?

All India Progressive Women’s Association secretary Kavita Krishnan says, “We have said many times that the punishment of death will not work at all to stop rape.”

She says that with the implementation of these proposed amendments in cases of sexual violence with children, the effect would be to reduce their cases.

“In such cases, close relatives from the family and close people of the community are involved and therefore there is a tendency to complain against them, and fewer people will be present when there is a provision for death sentence.”

“In both Kathua and Unnao, questions were not questioned, but efforts were being made to save the people living in power, it would not be treated with the provision of death sentence. But by offering amendment the government avoided its full accountability. Gone. ”

Poetry says, “There is no relationship from the prevention of death of women or children in rape, patriarchy of the society has to be changed to prevent rape.”
People will be scared of ‘death sentence’
The National Commission for Women has welcomed the proposal for death penalty for the culprits of rape with the children.

“This is the first step, not only the strict provisions but also bringing other arrangements together will help prevent rape, it is important that people fear that if we do so, then we will have to compromise,” said the Commission’s chairperson, Rakhi Sharma. Punishment, even hanging can be found. ”

She says, “Some stringent laws have been made even after the Nirbhaya rape case, but justice does not get fast and it is always said that ‘delay in justice is not to get justice’. In this case, it should be taken to the fast track court and get justice quickly so that people are scared. ”

Although he believes that “the law should be strictly enforced.”
Rekha Sharma believes that due to debate on such matters in the media, people are now becoming aware and reporting such cases has started.

She says, “If we think that we will strictly enforce the law then it is wrong. In some cases, people will be afraid of punishment and they will think before committing the crime.”

These changes will be in the Poxo Act

If you talk about India then you can be hanged only in the case of ‘Rarest of the rare’ case.

Rape cases with children are filed under the Poxo Act. In this law, there is currently a provision of punishment for rape convicts ranging from 10 years to lifetime to life imprisonment for children.
According to the proposed amendment in this Act, the case of gang rape of a girl with upto 12 years is proposed to be confined to life imprisonment or death. In all cases of gang rape with a child up to the age of 16, there is a proposal to extend life imprisonment.

It has also been proposed to make fast track courts and to have a forensic examination kit in police stations and hospitals.

In all cases of rape, it has been proposed to complete the deadline for two months and hearing of the case within two months. In such a case, in the case of appeals in the upper court, it is proposed to settle it within six months.

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