Point of view : Will China be able to Sushma-Nirmala in own home?

_100969068__97209578_gettyimages-462651016.jpgIndian Foreign Minister Sushma is reaching China on a four-day tour on Saturday.

During this time he will meet Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. It is expected that it will be a matter of strengthening mutual relations between the two ministers and enhancing cooperation.

There are many issues which create tension between India and China due to which this meeting of the two foreign ministers is considered to be extremely important.

Senior journalist Sable Dasgupta, presenting in China, explains the importance of Sushma Swaraj’s visit, saying that Sushma Swaraj’s visit to China is aimed at participating in the meeting of the Shanghai Corporation Organizational Committee.

After this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also come to China in June and will participate in the meeting of the heads of Shanghai Corporation Organization.

For the first time at this stage, India is attending this meeting because India and Pakistan have just become permanent members of this meeting. So far he was in the role of Observer.

The signal that what can be said in this meeting, Modi has given it in London saying that Pakistan is pushing extremism.
What is SCO?
About this important meeting of the Shanghai Corporation Organization (SCO), Sable Dasgupta further explains that the main objective in SCO is to fight extremism. But in this forum, two countries can not talk about resolving mutual differences but can talk about development of the whole state.

So this is a big question, how will India pick up that issue, and what will Pakistan have to answer on it and how China will react.

This was questioned in the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday, in response to which China said that it should be supported by not condemning Pakistan because it is taking a great loss of extremism and Pakistan’s biggest contribution to the fight of extremism.

Pakistan is extremely important for China because China’s One Belt One Road project has succeeded only there and he would not want that the SCO be broken due to differences. China will do its best to convince Sushma Swaraj.
India has tried several times to declare Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Mansuh al-Azhar as international extremist, but China has always been opposing it.

On this issue, Modi will not move a bit because there is no other issue, Modi has raised this issue in every meeting.

China is so bad about the world that China has friendly relations with countries where there are extremists.

If China has to face it, it is imperative to raise the issue of Pakistan. And due to the Taliban, there is concern in the world, that is why Modi deliberately raised this issue in London.
Can there be any talk on the Dokalam dispute in the SCO meeting?
In the meeting of SCO, Defense Minister Nirmala Sitaraman will also join the Indian side. Many people in India do not know that they are very much liked in China, especially, they have great respect for the hardened attitude they took during the dawn.

But his role will be very important in negotiating with Russia because India is the biggest buyer in the defense of Russia for Russia, but China is the biggest buyer in terms of oil. So in this case the status of a peer can not be denied.

In the case of Forest Belt One Road project, China will do its utmost to make India pressurize because India does not support it. At present, China has joined hands with Nepal and there is a railway network to Lubki, which is near the border of India. The pressure on the coming times of India is compounded.
Issues of tension between China and India

Dokalm issue and Bhutan
Doubles controversy
In June 2017, when China started work on the construction of the controversial Dokalm area, Indian soldiers stopped it. This is a disputed hill area on which both China and Bhutan claim their claim and India supports Bhutan’s claim.

What is the Gwadar port project of Pak?
India’s objection on OBOR

China is planning to add 65 countries of Asia, Europe and Africa to increase its reach throughout the world. This project has been named ‘One Belt One Road’, which means the OBOR project.

Under this, China is building a road to Pakistan’s Gwadar Port, which passes through the territory of Gilgit-Balochistan. This part currently comes to Pakistan-administered Kashmir but it considers India its share.

In this case on one side China denies the rights of India on Kashmir, on the other hand, China accepts the claims made by the area of ​​Gilgit-Balochistan in Pakistan.

At the same time, China has recently agreed to increase rail and road connectivity with Nepal’s neighboring Nepal.
India opposes NSG
China has been opposing India’s entry in the Nuclear Suppliers Group, the NSG. This group comprises 48 countries. India has the support of countries such as USA, Japan, UK, France, Mexico, but China has been opposing India, while it supports Pakistan for it.

What is the Nuclear Suppliers Group?

NSG is right, India is a member of MTRR
Opposition to ban against Masood Azhar
India wants international ban against Jeshend Mohammed chief Masood Azhar. But China has repeatedly opposed this proposal in the United Nations, due to which there is no restriction against Azhar.

‘India shocked by the stance of Masood Azhar’

China again veto on Masood Azhar

In addition to China, the remaining 14 members of the Security Council had already completed the ban on Masood Azhar in 2016, but the efforts of China from China veto

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