On the impeachment, did the Congress make its own Embarrassment?

_100990129_gettyimages-118202526.jpgThe chief justice of the Supreme Court, Deepak Mishra, is being questioned on the role of Congress after rejecting the impeachment notice of the Opposition on behalf of the Rajya Sabha Speaker and Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu.

Many people think that the Congress has made its own rush in haste. There have been many such things which make it clear that the Congress did not show any seriousness in giving the impeachment notice.

The signature of 71 MPs of seven parties, including the Congress, was on this impeachment notice. Now that the matter has come to light, it has come to know that seven of them were signatories of retired MPs.

Why did this happen? Senior journalist Vinod Sharma says that the impeachment was already signed in relation to it. Now, the question arises that if the earlier sign had been signed, then handed over to the Vice President why it was not seen that there are signatures of retired MPs.
BJP says that the previously prepared notices were waited till the decision that came to judge Loya. BJP Spokesperson Aman Sinha says that when the Congress felt that the judge’s decision on Judge Loya was not in favor of the Bench Judge Deepak Mishra, then the Vice President gave a notice to Impeachment.

Sinha says that it is doubtful that the Congress is working with a spirit of revenge.

Is the Congress suspicious of the time when the impeachment notice was given? In an interview to Indian Express, renowned lawmaker Fali S. Nariman has said that the notice of impeachment against Justice Deepak Mishra is a dark day in the history of the Supreme Court.

He said that this not only reduced the trust of the judiciary but the way for the ruling party has been cleared that if he does not like any particular decision, then stand up for impeachment.
Fali Nariman said that at the age of 67, it never happened. In this interview, he said that the Congress-led Justice Deepak Mishra was completely opposed to the four judges of the Supreme Court, Justice Chameleshwar, Justice Ranjan Gaooi, Kurien Joseph and Madan Lokur.

Nariman says that the opposition of those four judges was completely different. He said that impeachment is a very serious step and you must have solid evidence to prove it.

There was not a single opinion about this impeachment even within the Congress. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and former Finance Minister P Chidambaram were not named in the list of MPs signed in support of the impeachment notice.

The UPA Government did not have names of Salman Khurshid, Ashwini Kumar and Veerappa Moily as law minister. Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal has said that he did not sign because Chidambaram is facing cases in the court.

So, the question arises that the Congress was going to take such an important step, why the opinion of senior leaders was divided among the party? Senior journalist Vinod Sharma says, “Whatever the facts are there in front of them. We have to assess only on the basis of those facts. This matter is so sensitive that everything seems pretty complicated. ”

“The Congress is going to challenge the Supreme Court in not accepting the impeachment notice,” says Vinod Sharma. If the hearing of this case also bench of Justice Deepak Mishra, then there will be a crisis situation. How can someone hear a case against himself? Four judges of the Supreme Court have expressed various doubts on Justice Deepak Mishra. At the same time, the government is not giving approval to the Collegium’s recommendations on the appointment of judges. There is going to be a lot of suspicion of opposition parties, so much so that there is going on. Now we have to see how to resolve the matter. ”
Sharma said, “Justice Chemleshwar has said clearly that if Justice Gogoi is not made the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court then his doubts will be proved right.”

Liker Justice Kurien has also written a letter to the CJI for the recommendations of the Collegium on the appointment of the judges. The government says that the CJI has been told about it. However, the judges say that the CJI has not shared the reply of the government to those people.

Vinod Sharma says that the opposition did not have much choice in the kind of suspicions against the CJI. He said that everything is being worried about things coming from within the Supreme Court.
Sharma said that Venkaiah Naidu has dismissed the impeachment notice of the opposition in hastily. They say that the panel is formed to investigate the extent of the impeachment on the allegation of impeachment on the CJI but the Vice President did not accept the notice.

Although Fali Nariman has correctly told Naidu’s step. After rejecting the impeachment notice, he said, “There was no convincing reason for impeachment against CJI and in such a way it was a right step to reject it. Congress chief Rahul Gandhi said, “The Supreme Court is being crushed, it is being pressed. For the first time four judges are seeking justice from the people of India

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