Nation Forum did not present any program to ‘save the nation’


If the next general elections are held on time, then the election process is less than a year now. In such a way, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) or, say that efforts are being made to unite opposition parties against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A similar attempt was made on Sundays in the program of nation stage organized in Sri Krishna Memorial Hall, Patna.

In this program, many opposition leaders criticized the central government. The forum was repeatedly repeated that due to the functioning of the Narendra Modi government, democracy in India is in danger. Institutions of democracy are in danger.

An oath was also taken to save and strengthen democracy in the program. But for this to happen, the future of their programs and plans will not be kept out. In such a situation, the event of Sunday’s nation stage program became more and more due to Yashwant Sinha’s announcement to leave the BJP.

Yashwant Sinha declares to leave BJP

Sinha Vs Sinha: Son gave a reply to father
Reason of decision
He gave the main reason for his decision, that democracy in the country is in danger today. Just before the announcement of leaving the BJP, he gave an example of the current methods of working in parliament, judiciary, Election Commission and the media and through it it was said that according to him, democracy is in danger in the country.

As he said, “Parliament is the largest panchayat in the country. The most important work of this Panchayat is to check whether the government has a majority or not. But to check this, the Lok Sabha did not accept the proposal of mistrust. In this way Parliament failed to fulfill its greatest responsibility. ”

Yashwant Sinha did not tell too many other things from the forum, but also after the stage or after the reporters asked the reporters what further strategy of the Nation Forum would be, what the program would be.
Next strategy of nation stage
The program of Nation Forum started with Yashwant Sinha’s address and concluded with the speech of Shatrughan Sinha. BJP’s Shatrughan Sinha, who is among the dissatisfied leaders, also criticized the central government, accusing him of neglecting the party. But he did not make any announcement like Yashwant Sinha and also said that he was not taking any anti-party action.

He said, “These are the people who are sitting here. This anti-party action is not happening. This is your loyalty to the country. It shows love from the country because we have been taught that a bigger party is from the person and a bigger country than the party. So you tell us what we are doing is in the country or not. ”

Not only this, Shatrughan also said on Sunday that he is not going to leave the party, if the party leaves them, it is welcome.
‘Prepare for the sacrifice’

The experts believe that Shatrughna is actually trying to take action on her instead of leaving the party for two reasons. First, this will give him a chance to become a ‘martyr’ and go among the people. Secondly, this will also save the membership of their parliament.

On the other hand, in the program, Leader of the Opposition in Bihar, Tejaswi Yadav, has definitely said that what needs to be done to save the country by removing BJP and RSS.

They said, “There is a need to come up on the streets and there is a need to fight. If necessary, be prepared to give sacrifice. ”
But Rabshi did not even tell which kind of issues on how and when it would land on the road. A bigger gathering than the anti-BJP parties was held in the rally of ‘BJP Bhagao-Save the country’ in RJD’s Gandhi Maidan in Patna about eight months ago. There were more parties and their top leaders in the rally than today. But even after that rally, no organized and planned form of the opposition has yet emerged.

Knowledgeable states that the biggest problem of opposition parties in the fight against the BJP is that at the national level neither has any recognized leader nor any explicit program nor any explicit program. While they face a leader like Narendra Modi who has the power to win a stake on his own and behind him is a huge organization like BJP and RSS.

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