Look at the pictures, Who was on most viewer’s eye over the week

Weekly gesture photos, globally glancey eyes

_100985991__100956335_37df0c12-f67e-472c-a12e-8aa2210f1a86 (1).jpg
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudo meets Queen Elizabeth during a dinner with leaders of Commonwealth countries in London.

In the North Gaza Strip, the Palestinians using smoke to silence bees to remove honey in a field near the border of Israel-Gaza

The soldiers of the President’s Guard of the Army Parade during the celebration of Brazil Army Day in Brasília

In the New York City, a picture of David Boyi was posted on the subway of the Broadway-Lafayette station. This picture of Boyi is created with the help of the present exhibition of the Spotify and David Boyi Brooklyn Museum.

Making brick in the eastern part of the Republic of Congo

Given the sample in the mother-daughter exhibition in Fiori Salona Design Week in Milan, Italy. The exhibition of the latest design furniture, lights and home furnishings is organized at this fair.

One day protest was performed by French Union CGT and soldiers. This picture is of Paris, while performing a protest clash with the CRS anti-dacoity police squad during the demonstration.


A person relaxing in the sun at St. James’s Park in London 70 years later, it became the warmest day of April with 29 degrees Celsius.

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