Journalist shot dead during Facebook Live

_100982447_7c4f0657-66bf-466f-816f-10e5e1c451fb.jpgAccording to local media report in Nicaragua, a journalist has died in the protest against the government.

Local journalist and director of the El Meridiano program Angel Gahona was doing Live Reporting from the Bluefields city on the southern Caribbean coast of the country.

According to the report, Gahona was killed while broadcasting live on Social Media Facebook.

A video is being viral on social media, which is being told according to the local media.
The reporter (gahona) in the video was telling about the damage done to the mayor’s office during the public demonstration.

Suddenly there is a shot and they fall down. Although it has not been clear yet, why did he run the pill and why.

A user of social media tweeters says, this is Angel Gahona. He died during Facebook Live. In Bluefield, a dispute is spread between the police and the exhibitors, and they fall there.

He further writes that before being shot, Angel tells in his live that ‘the police are coming and we need support’.


Wilfredo Miranda Aburto
Este es el colega Ángel Gahona If you are interested in Facebook Live Transmitía enfrentamiento polícias et ciudadanos de Bluefields Antes the serial: “Viene la Policía, vamos a buscar dórdé refugiarnos”. Se cruza la calle y cae

7:33 am – 22 April 2018
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According to official figures last Saturday afternoon, 10 people are being killed in this demonstration. But human rights organizations say more than 25 people have died in this.

From Wednesday, Nicaragua is being demonstrated against the government for improving social security and pension.

The benefits received in the pension of the people of the casualties and the job-seekers have been reduced by 5 percent. It is being demonstrated against it.

President Daniel Ortega announced that it will be considered to improve it. But despite this, the protests continued against the government in Nicaragua.
President Ortega had proposed to talk but the leader of the protesters refused to believe it. They say that earlier violence by police should be stopped.

In the protest, the government building was also damaged by setting fire to it. Army has been deployed in many cities.

Students of Polytechnic University of Mangua surrounded their campus in four ways. There are also reports of injuries of about 100 people.

Pope Francis has asked to calm the differences between the police and protesters and eliminate violence.
Since assuming office in 2007, this performance has become the biggest challenge in protest against Ortega.

He said that the new rules would start from July 1. So it is time to negotiate between the government and the private sector.

Protesters accused the police and government supporters for violence.

There have been many cases of clashes between protesters and police in many parts of the country.

Murder during live streaming on facebook

Two journalists killed in live program

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