How much do you know about Kim Jong un this North Korea

_100980702_046276559-1.jpgAlthough most people in North Korea are living in poverty, but experts say that there is a middle class too growing which spends money for fun in a spare time.

This section likes the Dolphin Aquarium shopping center. Between North Korea’s rich class, we can see how their choices and demands are changing.
When Jadeen (renamed name) used the Internet for the first time, he was completely overwhelmed. He said, “The information I received from the internet was about to open the eyes. Every day for me was shocking because this world was quite different. I never thought things were really such. I was also feeling down and sad too. ”
People in the water section of Pyongyang
Jain fled North Korea from South Korea five years ago There are a large number of people in North Korea who have managed to escape from their country. Those who succeed in the escape get a chance to see the world free. This work is mostly done by young people.
Jaded recently completed the course to learn English from Australia. Here he also saw YouTube and Foreign News website for the first time.

This was the first time for Jadean that North Korea is the world’s closest country where fundamental freedoms are also interrupted. In North Korea, foreign media is completely banned.

Although Jade was also living in North Korea, challenging these restrictions made it possible to access restricted entertainment channels.

Jadeen says, “I used to play football at an empty point. Along with this, computer games or films were seen. There are so many restrictions that you can not do too much. Most of the movies and games are banned here but I have cleverly banned these restrictions.
Some confidential entertainment
Interestingly, there is a rich market for foreign entertainment. Jm Pearson, co-author of ‘North Korea Confidential’, says most of the North Korean hides see foreign media. They say that they like the South Korean drama very well. This type of show creates a pressure to break the routine of daily life, for the routine.

Although not so much freedom that you can see all the mediums or topics of entertainment in North Korea. Even in North Korea’s wealthy class, his perception about the vacant session is changing.

According to a report from the Korean Development Institute, the construction of shopping malls, sports and cultural centers in North Korea has been stark. According to this report, there are many options for cutting the vacant time for those who live in North Korean capital Pyongyang.
Beautification project
Curtis Melvin, a researcher who has been monitoring the satellite image for years through North Korea, says that Pyongyang has several water parks and a dolphin Aquarium. The market has expanded in North Korea. Good work has been done with transport system, infrastructure and renewable energy. Cartis says these things were not until a decade ago.

All these changes show how people have changed in North Korea. Cartis says that the means of comfort and convenience has increased in North Korea.

He said, “When Kim Jong-he took power after his father’s death in 2011, he started the work of construction and beautification rapidly. Along with this there have been changes in the standard of living of the people. These works of development in Pyongyang have changed the way they are. ”
Cartis says that Kim Jong-un convinced many construction projects. These include new housing projects, a dolphin aquarium, new shopping malls, many constructions to promote the game, new parks, water parks, 3D cinemas and a ski resort. Many such works have also been out of Pyongyang.

What is Kim thinking
In such a way, the question arises that Kim Jong- why do they get this work of comfort? Andrea Abrahamiam, the scholar of the Center for Korean Studies at the University of California, says it is part of Pyongyang’s modernization and Kim wants to present it to the world as a 21st century capital.

Andrey says that these works will not cost much money because the materials used are of the country and the work is done by the army. The creation of these means of comfort is a positive step, but the benefits are only to the small sections of the country.
A different world
Inequality gap in North Korea is quite deep. The pace of movement in the economy is also a military activity. This means that the enjoyment of modern comforts in Pyongyang will be able to pick up a section which has money.

Andrey says that if you are special, then you can play squash, go to yoga classes, eat a meal in a nice restaurant. For this, you have to be in Pyongyang and have money in pocket. Even in Pyongyang, these things do not mean less.
James Pearson says that the pictures of North Korea’s rural areas are completely different. James said, “People’s life is very difficult outside of Pyongyang. Their life is very difficult. There is a huge lack of infrastructure.

Farmers’ condition is not well Most people are shy of drinking water There is no electricity Compared to Pyongyang, their life is difficult ”

Jaden also acknowledges that the gap between the poor and the rich in North Korea is quite deep. Jadeen says, “Some people have the ability to do dinner in the restort, but most of the population is struggling to fill.”

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After all, what is the truth about the bending of North Korea?

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