Congress’s ‘ track record of ‘saving the constitution’ is not even clear

_100988502_046032531-1.jpgRahul Gandhi, the oldest political party in the country, is today launching a nationwide ‘Constitutional Save Campaign’ at the Talkatora Stadium in Delhi. Its aim is to draw attention of people on the alleged attack on the Constitution and the Dalits during the BJP rule. This campaign will be run in all the districts of all the states.

Congress national spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi said, “There will be a big rally in Delhi on April 29. In it, all the workers and leaders will be gathered in the country. We are in the midst of the constitution, which is going on in the attack and the danger facing democracy, Will make people aware of it. ”

She says, “The Constitution is considered to be the most sacred scripture to run the country. But since the government of the BJP has come in the center since then, whatever is the constitutional form and the obligation to run the government, the judiciary, The responsibility that is made is not being performed. ”

What is impeachment proposal?

‘Do not save the Supreme Court, democracy will not be alive’
‘Congress learned from their mistakes’

The Congress talks about saving the Constitution, but during its reign, many works have been done while rejecting the constitution of the Constitution – on asking, Priyanka Chaturvedi told the BBC correspondent Anant Prakash, “Constitution should be at the top.” When the Constitution The attack is on the one who has done this, it is rejected by the people of the country. We are not the Dhan Dhan, but we want to say that we have learned from our mistakes. ”

She says, “The senior judges come out and tell us what is happening in the media. Today the people of the country will not forgive us if we are silent if the atmosphere is going on.”

‘Today the opposition has issues’

According to the Constitution, the country is not running? Is the autonomy of the constitutional institutions of the country today surrounded by questions?

Says senior journalist Vinod Sharma, “As far as the constitution is concerned, it is true that when the Congress had imposed emergency in the country, it rejected the soul of the Constitution. There has been a widespread debate in the country. But, in view of today’s contradiction, the context of this is that the Bharatiya Janata Party is not following the intention of the law makers. The Committee on the appointment of the Lokayukta Is not to be called the representative of Congress and they are not being able to become a leading Lokayukta. ”
He says, “It is not being given the way in which the opposition should be given an opportunity to speak their words.” In the last session, the opposition brought a no-confidence motion, the speaker said that unless there is complete peace in the House He will not take it, but in the same house a few days ago, the Finance Bill passed in just 30 minutes between the noisy liquor. Today the opposition has issues which the country has to consider. ”
Question mark on BJP
In the absence of evidence in cases related to Gujarat violence, the Samjhauta Express, Hyderabad’s Mecca Masjid and Malegaon bomb blasts, the court has acquitted Colonel Purohit, Sadhvi Pragya, Swami Aseemanand and former Gujarat Minister Maya Kodnani one by one.

Vinod Sharma says, “Today the debate in our country is whether the courts are being allowed to work independently. With full respect, I want to say that if this is the case then why did it take a blame for the defection Those who are concerned with one thought and they have cases against them are getting acquitted and those who are related to the idea of ​​the Opposition are becoming the case against them.
Indira Gandhi
Congress wants to change the constitution
After all, after the independence, the Congress, during its rule, tried to stay away from power by overthrowing the constitutional values.

In 1975, the Allahabad High Court had stopped Indira Gandhi from contesting elections for six years under a petition. The court against Indira Gandhi had declared the decision in the wrong way to win elections.

Indira was given 14 days time to appeal to the Supreme Court. But instead of resigning from his post, Indira Gandhi declared an emergency and took the throne of power directly into her own hands.

Opposition members were taken into custody from the Parliament without any court proceedings. More than a million people were put in jail.

Senior journalist Rashid Kidwai says, “When a political party is in power, his thinking is different, and when he is in opposition, his role is different. In the Congress regime, there is a wide variety of tampering in the Constitution of India Some of them have failed in some of the successes. The biggest reference in this is Emergency, in which the Allahabad High Court is set to become Prime Minister of Indira Gandhi. The remarks were made and the Congress had asked them to withdraw. Congress has increased the period of Parliament from five to six years and a proposal for change in the Constitution was brought in to make Indira Gandhi as the Prime Minister and the judiciary to walk with government policies. The proposal was brought in. The Congress did a lot of things which were not in favor of the Constitution while in power and later had to take its own steps. ”
Misuse of presidential rule
Under Article 356, the President’s rule comes under the purview of constitutional rights, but Congress has a long history of applying President’s rule.

President’s rule has been imposed so far 124 times in the country, eight of these were imposed in Jawaharlal Nehru’s prime minister’s time, and during the tenure of Indira Gandhi, President’s rule was imposed 50 times. Within just three days in 1980, the majority of the governments in the nine states were sacked.

Rashid Kidwai says, “Congress made a toy for Section 356 of the President’s rule, and when he did not like the Chief Minister, he removed him, Farooq Abdullah Government was removed, NT Rama Rao Government was sacked. The Congress did not take any care of the Constitution during the Congress. During the Congress rule, the Congress worked very often against the spirit of the Constitution. ”

Vinod Sharma says that his track record of saving the constitution of the Congress Party is not spotless.

He says, “Communists had won the assembly elections in Kerala for the first time in 1957. This was the first time that any communist government in the world came to power by voting, EMS Namboodiripad became Chief Minister but only after two years. The Congress, sitting in the power of the Center, has dismissed him, but this is a matter of fifty years, it is not unconstitutional, but the coming of democracy. Is against Tha. ”
Supreme Court Chief Justice Deepak Mishra
Impeachment case
The Congress, giving notice to the impeachment motion against Chief Justice Deepak Mishra, had opposed similar action, while staying in power 25 years ago.

During Congress rule, there were three such occasions when impeachment proposals were brought. When the Supreme Court Justice V Ramaswamy was impeached on May 3, 1993, as a senior advocate, Kapil Sibal had defended him from a special bar made in the Lok Sabha. At that time the Congress government led by PV Narasimha Rao was ruling.

Similarly, in 2009, when 75 MPs of Rajya Sabha handed over a letter to the Chairman Hamid Ansari regarding the impeachment of Karnataka High Court Chief Justice PD Dinakaran, it was the Congress government at the Center.

Apart from this, when the impeachment motion against Kolkata High Court judge Soumitra Sen was brought in 2011, it was the Congress of the Congress led by Manmohan Singh at the Center. However, he had resigned even before the proceedings began in Parliament to remove him from the post.
Rahul Gandhi should take a stand by talking to former President Pranab Mukherjee and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
What are the facts about the Congress?
Rashid Kidwai says, “There is a legal and political aspect in the case of impeachment of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.” The constitution is bigger than the governments, it should take care of its limitations. Those lawyers within Congress are fighting for their reputation. He has his own assessment of the Chief Justice and the Supreme Court, and the other Congress’s political strategy is not fully taken into consideration. ”

He says, “There is a lack of experience in Rahul Gandhi, it would have been nice if he decided to set the stand of the Congress by talking to former President Pranab Mukherjee and former prime minister Manmohan Singh, Congress must tell the facts on the basis of its political initiative. What is the logic behind, what is the thinking, does he have sufficient number of impeachment, and he will have to answer it.

However, he says, “If Congress tampered with the Constitution, it had to bear its consequences, Indira Gandhi lost the election and even after that the Congress was losing the election.” Congress did wrong, it does not mean that today’s government too Do wrong

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