Bloomberg to play Trump’s ‘responsibility’

_100988367_da29edc1-627d-4ab0-a5d7-7b9b150a2ffe.jpgAmerican billionaire Michael Bloomberg has offered further help if the US withdraws its move from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Bloomberg, who is the mayor of New York, said that if the government does not pay, then they are ready to pay about 30 million rupees in the United States part of the Paris Climate Agreement.

According to Bloomberg, President Donald Trump has gone out of the Climate Agreement, so his responsibility is to help him improve the climate of the world.

It is worth mentioning that President Trump had announced to leave the Paris Climate Agreement last June. For this, there was heavy criticism around his world.

The Parisian agreement is intended to allow the temperature of the Earth not to exceed two degrees Celsius above the global temperature before the beginning of industrialization.

All countries of the world have expressed their commitment to do so by participating in the Paris Agreement, but now America is the only country that is not part of it.
‘Trumps are known to change their decisions’
Michael Bloomberg, speaking to American TV channel CBS, said, “America made a promise. If the government does not meet it, then it becomes our responsibility as a US. I have the ability to do this, so I They will send a check of money that the American government promised. ”

Michael Bloomberg’s charitable organization ‘Bloomberg Philanthropies’ had also offered to compensate for a deficit of 99 crore rupees for another work related to the environment.

Bloomberg expressed hope that next year President Trump will re-consider his decision.

He said that “it is true that they are known to change their intentions. America is a big part of this agreement and we should help save the world from a potential catastrophe.”

In January, President Trump had said that if he believed that America was being treated more honestly, then the US could re-think of becoming a part of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Talking to reporters, Trump had said that “I have no problem with the agreement. I have trouble with the agreement that the Obama government signed.”
What is the Paris Climate Agreement?
This agreement is basically associated with keeping the global temperature down below 2 degree Celsius. However, the acceleration of the agreement is to keep the temperature rise at 1.5 degrees Celsius.

This demand was kept from the poor and extremely poor countries. Since the start of industrialization, the temperature of the earth has increased by one degree Celsius.

Scientists have warned that if this temperature went above 2 degrees then there could be a big change in Earth’s climate.

With the effect of increasing the level of sea level, disasters like floods, landslides, droughts and forests may increase.

Scientists consider emission of greenhouse gases for it. These gas human needs like electricity generation, vehicles, factories and the rest arise due to many reasons.

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