Blog of vusat: Why Pak government fears from 25-year-old Manzoor Pashtin

_100988337_1b7bf7f3-b6fe-49a1-98d0-e25b505641ba.jpgThe party which is most discussed in Pakistan these days is the Pashtun Tahfuj Movement i.e. the Pashtun defense movement.

It was born in Karachi by a tribal youth, Nakibullah Mehsud, after the police encounter.

Initially, for the arrest of Encounter Specialist SSP Rao Anwar, the Qabali people foiled in Islamabad and then a 25-year-old boy turned out of this damn Pashtin.

Hundreds of Pashtun women and men and hundreds of thousands of people have reached this place, and in the Khaibar Pashtoan Khwana and in Waziristan, crowds gathered to listen to the destination Pashtin.

What is the demand of Pashtun
Demands are very straightforward. That is, in the last 10 years, hundreds of Pakistani cities have disappeared during the war against extremism, they should be revealed and presented in court.

Pashtun agitation created by Pakistan government’s headache
Pashtun lives in the southern Waziristan region of Pakistan
By ending the black rule of British era in the tribal areas of the Afghan border, there should be the same basic rights given to the Waziristan and other tribal areas by the implementation of the Pakistani constitution, which have the citizens of Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

In the operation of the army against the Taliban, compensation for the loss of home and business of ordinary people, and in these areas, the check posts are well treated with the people there. But national institutions are suspicious that Pashtun is not so direct and their doors are shaking from somewhere else.

Therefore, the media has been instructed that they should not report the burning Pashtuns. Where the Pashtun Tahrfuz moves through the movement, first blockages are raised, then are removed. Yesterday, the Pashtun Tahafuj movement launched a gathering in Lahore, the first permission was given, then the permission was withdrawn.
Thousands of people are coming to listen to Manjoor
What is the power of movement
Then some people of the movement were arrested and then released. At the same time where water was to be constructed, water was released. But people came back, not just Pashtun, the civil society of Punjab also came to listen to Pashtin.

Despite not having media coverage, this movement is keeping the power of social media alive and live stream alive. It is becoming difficult to deal with the power of strength because one of these movements is peaceful till now, the second is their demands, none of which is outside the constitution or the law of the nation.
People-garden is not ready to swindle the eyes of treason and betrayal by blindfolding as before, they now question and ask for evidence. Gradually the political group has also been saying that these young people should be allowed to speak and listen to them, before this movement like the Arab Spring did not turn into a Pakistani spring.

But the irony of those who run every country in the world is that what the common people first understand, the national establishment is finally understood and by the time it comes to understanding, the time has passed.

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