Are india forgetting to understand China?

_97049673_gettyimages-697552774.jpgTension continues for more than five weeks on the Dokalam border between India and China. Many analysts around the world are worried that this standoff has deepened the fear of war.

On Sunday, Research Fellow at The Charahar Institute and China-Western Normal University, Center of Indian Studies, Long Shinchun’s Chinese public newspaper, Global Times, an analysis has been published on India-China tension.

In this analysis, Long wrote that China does not want war.

He wrote, “Indian media and analysts are blaming China for this stalemate. It is telling China that China is provoking India so that she can withdraw attention from her internal problems. Even in the Indian media, this tension is being linked to the Communist Party of China’s 19th Congress. These analyzes prove that the Indian media and its analysts are incomplete knowledge of China. ”

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Are India and China standing on the verge of war?
lack of information
Long wrote, “As far as I know, there are no more than 200 experts in Chinese affairs in India. Only 10 percent of people can read or speak Mandarin Most of these experts study materials published in English from USA and Europe in China. Sadly, even in this situation, they claim that they know everything about China. ”

Long wrote, “The Indian reporter present in China rarely understand Chinese language. Even when some of these people interpret their neighbors as ‘Communist China’, it seems that the term is 40 years ago. It is sad that these people shape the understanding of India and recite their decision on China.

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India’s problems are more than China
Long wrote, “There are many domestic problems in China, but there is nothing compared to the internal problems India is facing. Clearly, for the preparation of the 19th Congress, China needs domestic peace and a peaceful international environment as compared to the struggle. This is something that Indians have trouble understanding. ”

Long wrote, “I have met many Indian experts. They say that the war of 1962 China waged to take care of its internal problems. I say to them – Suppose if this is true then why did China choose India? China has resolved the border dispute with most of the neighbors except India and Bhutan. Is it not to provoke it? ”
Long wrote, “Indian soldiers entered the Chinese territory in Dokalm area. In this condition also the Chinese government introduced restraint. India does not need war. Although Indian army chief Bipin Rawat has claimed that the Indian Army is ready for war on two fronts. At the same time some Indians believe that their army is strong enough to take two-handed from the Chinese Army and avenge of 1962. ”

He wrote, “In the beginning of the 1980s, India’s economy was equal to China, but the GDP and per capita income are just a fifth of China’s share. In the last 20 years, the solid foundation of economic reforms and development has been kept in India and this period has also grown rapidly. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reforms have made the international environment in favor of India. ”
Economy will be destroyed
Long wrote, “If India now wages war with China on a widespread scale, then it will not only ruin foreign investment but also the economy will rise in the economy. If there is a small war, then there will be a long lasting impact between China and India. India’s economic progress will be badly affected and the opportunity to emerge will be out of hand. ”
He wrote, “A war is not completely impossible. There are many instances of completely fought in the wrong time and place. In such a scenario, diplomats from both countries should avoid the war. Ultimately, we should not stay in cheating. The 1962 war made Indians Indians hostile towards the decades. ”

He wrote, “If there is a big war in today’s date, then both sides will have antagonism for centuries. Even if the solution to the current impairment is found at a diplomatic level, it still has its shadow on the bilateral relations of the two countries. Its impact on India-China relations will last long

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