Abu Salem’s marriage will not happen next month

_100980049_d76aada5-7ffc-475a-8f67-97dc936e4dc4.jpgAccording to Dainik Jagran, the proposed marriage of 1993 Mumbai blasts underworld don Abu Salem will not be possible on May 5.

Uttar Pradesh’s Azamgarh resident, who has been serving life imprisonment in Taloja jail, Navi Mumbai, has rejected the parole of the parole of the Konkan Division Divisional Commissioner. Salem had requested Thane to release Parole for 40 days to marry a woman resident of Mumbra. 1993 gang rape Abu Salem, convicted in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case, was scheduled to be married to Kausar Bahar, 27 years. Kausar lives in Mumbra in Thane district of Maharashtra It was decided to give a reception party after the marriage.
A copy of the application of Abu Salem has been sent for verification in the Mumbra police station. The police has questioned the wife of Abu Salem, Kausar Bahar and his family members. In Kausar’s statement it has been confirmed that on 5 May Abu Salem wants to come out on parole and marry him. However, the Police Commissioner of Navi Mumbai has rejected Salem’s parole application.

The story of Abu Salem’s love story was revealed in the year 2014 when he was taken to Lucknow during his absconding passport case and his marriage was heard on the phone in the train. The TADA court had ordered an inquiry after the matter came to light. In the investigation, the police had said that the crime branch has not found evidence of the marriage of Abu Salem and Kausar Bahar.

Where are Monica Bedi these days?
Did not give electricity then shot
According to the Indian Express, a substation operator was shot dead in Dhom Manikpur village of Greater Noida, adjacent to Delhi. According to the police, another officer of the substation has alleged that some unknown people asked to turn on the power supply on the phone.

According to the police, operator Satveer Tomar, refusing to turn on electricity supply, citing bad weather. After that some people reached the station and asked to turn on the electricity supply. On forbidding, these people shot Satheer and killed him.
According to Dainik Bhaskar, global debt has reached record level of 164 trillion dollars (about Rs 10,660 lakh crores). This threatens the global recession. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned that this trend of rising global debt is so dangerous that if the financial situation worsens, it will be difficult for all the countries to repay their debt and the world can be hit by a global recession.

IMF issues fiscal monitoring report every six months. This time he has released this report on Wednesday. According to this, in 2016, global public and private loans have reached 225 percent of global GDP in 2016. With a lot of debt, the ability to increase the spending of countries will also have a bad effect. This will affect their growth rate and they can also come in the grip of recession

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