17 people killed after dragon boat reversed in China


17 people have died due to overturning of Dragon Boat in southern China.

Pictures shown on TV have shown that many people were boarding the long and narrowly visible Dragon Boat, which resulted in over 60 people drowning in the river on Saturday.

The scene of the accident was captured by the people of the other boat present in the river on their camera.

According to the Xinhua News, after the accident in the Guilin city’s river, 200 rescue teams were sent to help.

CCTV broadcaster says there was an accident due to the flow of the river. The accident took place at the place where the flow of the two streams of the river got accelerated, and due to this the boat equilibrium deteriorated.
According to media reports, most people drowning in the river did not wear lifeboats jackets.

He explains that many practice sessions are conducted without informing the police. Two organizers running the practice session have been taken into custody by the police.

A dragon-like boat race is popular in many parts of Asia. On the day the race is organized in the country, there is a holiday for the dragon yacht race in China.

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