Woman suicide on sex video


Four people are being questioned in Italy about suicide of a woman’s sex video in Italy.

On Tuesday, 31-year-old Tijayana Kanton committed suicide in the nearby Munno neighborhood of Naples.

This woman had fought for years to remove her sex video from the Internet.

This sex video he sent to his old male friend and three others, who made it online.

In his video the word “Are you making a movie? Bravo”, became an online joke.

It was seen by more than one million people and he became a laughing fan, and even a scream of abuse started to occur.

In this case four people are being questioned for defaming a woman.

After sex video became viral, Tijayana quit her job and changed the place. Even he was in the process of changing his name, but this story was not leaving behind him.

In the court case, Tizayana won the case under “Right to Be Forgotten” and the court ordered the removal of the video along with Facebook from many sites and search engines.

They were also asked to pay twenty thousand euros of the suit fee, which has been called “the last insult” in the local media.

Italy’s Prime Minister Matio Ranjie said, “We can not do more as a government.” This is especially a cultural battle – a social and political battle. Our commitment is to try whatever we can … violence against women is not an endless event. ”

His funeral was broadcast live

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