Why Swaziland’s King changed the name of the country?

_100950785_gettyimages-181809109.jpgThere are very few people in the world who can change the name of their country. One of them is King Mashwati’s name.

King Mswati III of Swaziland, the last empire of Africa, announced on Wednesday that the name of the country was changed to ‘The Kingdom of Iswati’.

King announces its official announcement on the 50th anniversary of the country’s independence.
Meaning of new name
Iswati means ‘land of swajis’. This change was unpredictable, although King Mashwati had been calling Swaziland as Isvatiini for years.

In the year 2017, during addressing the United Nations and inaugurating the country’s parliament, they used this name.

The name of the country is changed because some people are angry. correspondent in Swaziland, Nomes Masekko, points out that the people wounded by the verdict want their king to focus on recovering the sluggish economy of the country.
The wives of King Mashwati
Soubhova II’s son is 15 wives of Mashwati. According to the people who wrote their biographies officially, his father ruled for 82 years. During this time he had 125 wives.

The people here call the king as ‘the lion’. They are known to keep a lot of bevy and for their traditional costumes.

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