Why Germany is so special for PM Modi?

_100972436_gettyimages-689965972.jpgPrime Minister Narendra Modi met German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday in Berlin. PM Modi arrived in Germany after Sweden and Britain

This was the first meeting of Merkel Modi after becoming German Chancellor for the fourth time last month. The Indian Foreign Ministry says that Modi’s visit to Germany reflects high-level relations between the two countries. Germany is India’s largest trading partner in the European Union.

Experts believe that Germany and France are the most important countries for India in the European Union. India wants Germany to invest in the construction of its infrastructure. Germany is not only important for India but it has a special identity throughout the world. Know why Germany is important for the world-

Germany is known worldwide for its technology. Its military capability is also quite modern. Between Russia’s growing influence in the Middle East and Asia, Merkel said that Germany will increase its defense spending.

Germany’s iron believes the world. It is called the Economic Powerhouse of Europe. Germany is one of the top five economies in the world.
bilateral trade
The economic cooperation between India and Germany is growing steadily. In 2016-17, the bilateral trade between the two countries was $ 18.76 billion. In this, India sold goods worth $ 7.18 billion to Germany; India bought goods worth $ 11.58 billion from Germany.

80 Indian companies are doing business in Germany. Since 2010, companies in India have invested in 140 projects in Germany. On the other hand, Germany has also invested in India’s Transport, Electrical Equipment, Service Sector, Chemicals and Automobile Sector.

The knock of well-known companies of the German auto industry has also become in the Indian market. Volkswagen The creditworthiness of car companies like BMW and Audi are at the peak in India. These companies have set up a large manufacturing plant in South Asia in India. Germany has also invested in the cleaning of Ganga.

It is believed that the people of Germany are very disciplined and specializes in their work. The world believes that the people of Germany are strictly punctual for the times and the rules.

The world heads bow before his ability. About Germany, it is believed that the people there are very tough people.

Germans make their plans keeping in mind the speed of public transport.

Suppose they know that if they reach the place in 10 minutes by train, then the German people will go from their home accordingly because they know that the train will run according to their time.

They work for the time they are able to complete, even at the same time they also complete. This is why people in Germany are known worldwide for their efficiency.

Changing environment in Germany

Ten strikes on migrants every day in Germany
Berlin-Bradenburg Airport
Yet these tasks are incomplete
But there is another fact of Germany also. There are many projects that have not been completed till date. For instance, State Oprah House in Hamburg city is waiting for a repair from a long time, but till date the work is incomplete.

Similarly, in Berlin, the Brandenburg airport is building for many years, but the work is not going to be complete. The airport is waiting for the last six years to be ready.

A huge amount has been spent for this. But every year a new date for airport preparation is announced. After seeing these examples, the frustration breaks down that the people of Germany are skilled at their work.

Then the question arises that finally how did such opinions about Germany be that the people there are highly skilled and skilled? In order to find the answer to this question, we have to clean the pages of history.

Carlos ‘The Jackal’ who kidnapped ministers of 11 countries

Which country has 7000 nuclear weapons?
Auto van Bismarck
The existing Germany was never as it appears today. The people who spoke German were divided into different states. Such as Prussia, Hanover or Bavaria.

Afterwards, Otto Van Bismarck, who called the German men of Germany, united the people of German speaking today as today’s Germany. And laid the foundations of existing Germany.

In the Middle Ages, German-speaking people were considered as lazy and backward breed. It was believed that Germany is a land of alcoholic philosophers and strollers.

This image of Germany changed from a war in 1870. In that battle, the major German province Prussian defeated the army of King Napoleon III of France.

In fact Germany was always struggling with France. France’s Napoleon III attacked Germany in 1870-71.

Prussia’s forces met with the bravery of Napoleon’s army and defeated him.

Merkel went on to win, but the challenge to run the government

Merkel’s chair survivors, nationalists strengthened
Social reform movement
With this war, Germany’s respect increased in Europe. The views of European countries changed to the German people.

Apart from this victory, in the nineteenth century, German pastor Martin Luther had stirred up a movement to reform Christianity. He started the Christian Protestant Firke.

This social reform movement had also stirred a lot of turmoil in Europe.

The masses in Germany were largely co-sponsored by the Pope and Martin Luthor was supported.

Later, this reform movement of Christianity in many other countries including the UK was run.

Prussia’s victory over France and Martin Luthor’s Dharma Reformation movement were two such incidents that freed the German race from the charge of being lazy and backward.

His image shone. After this Germany made rapid progress.

Who did not let nuclear war

The village that became the world’s first missile factory
Hitler’s Round
Another test for Germany began in 1918 This year the world war had started. Germany had the pride that it was a strong military country.

But in this World War, Germany had to eat the mouth. Not only this, countries winning this war have imposed heavy penalties on Germany.

The penalty was so much that the entire economy of Germany was devastated to pay it. But having a skilled nation did not have particular effect on Germany’s identity.

In the next twenty years, Germany paid a heavy fines to a large extent. At the same time, even after defeating the first world war, he made a powerful force.

Twenty years later, Germany had led the second world war under Hitler’s leadership.

Countries that defeated Germany in the first and second world wars, they also believe that there is something in Germany that separates them from others.

Know where was the birth of Hitler?

Such rebellion against Hitler!
German breed
The UK also has thirty-six figure figures from Germany and special attachment. America and Britain were first friendly countries in the world war. They had imposed heavy penalties on Germany.

But that country also used to cherish Germany’s sense that after twenty years of paying heavy fines, Germany again emerged as a strong nation.

Even in the 1950s and 60s, when economic revolution came, people praised the hard work and dignity of the people of the German race.

While the biggest reason for this was that countries like USA and UK were spending huge amount in Germany, so that they could prove that West Germany was ahead of Russia-occupied East Germany.

Clearly the efficiency of the German race is less and the myth is high. The people settled in Germany get better understanding of this thing from outside.

When they see that there is so much control over strict rules and rules of governance in everyday life. This is because an airport in Berlin is incomplete for years.

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Germany: Hate post may be heavy
Now call it a fate that people who go to Germany can visit this unfinished airport with historic Brandenburg Gate, Holocaust Museum, and Victory Column. All these places are a stain for Germany.

German author Joseph Pearson says that these unfinished airport did not defame Germany.

Rather, it breaks the centuries old myth with Germany. This corrects a historical mistake.

This proves that the German people are also human. They also make mistakes. They also have drawbacks.

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