Which city is the target of China’s DF-26 missile

_100939587_df-26-missile.jpgAccording to reports from the Chinese media, the People’s Liberation Army’s rocket unit is assigned to a new brigade of DF-26 missiles, which has the capability to hit the important cities of India.

Analysis of Google Earth Image shows that DF-26 may be located in southern Henan province.

Dongfeng-26 or DF-26 is an intermediate ballistic missile that can kill up to three to four thousand kilometers.

However, Satellite Imagery analyst Retired Colonel Vinayak Bhatt says that this is factually incorrect claim.

Bhatt, who has been associated with the Indian Army for more than three decades, has written in The Print that a brigade of DF-26 was discussed four years ago before joining the Chinese army, while testing the DF-17 missiles in January this year. The news came.

They say that it was first performed at the Victory Day parade held on September 3, 2015. Assuming that its main target would be the Western Pacific Ocean state of America, the island Guam, it was named Guam Express or Guam Killer.

According to China’s official release, the Chinese missile is completely indigenous. It is capable of carrying both conventional and atomic weapons.
Missile of Jude?
The DF-26 range is being described as four thousand kilometers, while Guam and Indian territory according to estimates of experts on its target.

Mumbai is a remote area in its range, which is 4,350 kilometers from China, while the distance of other metropolitan cities of India is less than four thousand kilometers. Guam’s distance from China is approximately 3,750 kilometers.
Guam is a US military base
America has built its own large airbase in the middle of the dense forests on the northern edge of this island.

A fleet of B1 bombers on the runway of this airbase is ready all the time so that North Korea can respond in a state of attack on South Korea.

Guam is a US neighborhood near North Korea. The distance between the two is 3427 kilometers.

This distance is half of between Hawaii and Guam. The distance between Guam and Hawaii is 6373 kilometers.

Its area is spread over 210 square miles, which is almost equivalent to Chicago.

China’s strength is America’s problem?

China is trying to prove that she now has the potential for which it was previously believed that it is only with USA and Russia.

China has become the third member of this special club. The BrahMos India created was a hyper-Sonic Cruise missile.

What China made now is the Hyper Sonic Ballistic Missile. An arms race has started in a way between China-USA-Russia.

China is worried about the United States, Russia is worried about Russia’s nuclear capacity, so Russia is concerned about the emerging nature of China.

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