What are the responsibilities of Commonwealth Head?

_100958644_35b7e2f1-aa5f-4737-a8b5-7a56b7897de2.jpgAccording to information, the Prince of Wales will be the next chief of the Commonwealth countries.

Right now, Queen Elizabeth is standing in this position. Now Prince Charles will take over this charge. Queen Elizabeth has said that she wishes that Prince Charles will handle the responsibilities of this post one day.

Although this is not a post that grows upwards over generations. It is believed that Prince Charles has been given the responsibility of handing over responsibilities after the advice and consultation of leaders involved in Commonwealth.

The diplomatic correspondent James Landel said that Commonwealth leaders have also agreed on becoming Principal of Prince Charles. British Prime Minister Teriza May and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had already given their support to Charles.
It is also being said that this decision has been taken in a two-day conference of Commonwealth countries, 46 representatives from the country and foreign ministers from seven other countries joined.

What does the Commonwealth chief have to do?

At present, this responsibility is with the Queen, primarily because it is a symbolic post and there is no maximum limit to remain in this position.

This post mainly involves connecting 53 countries. Also, that the original purpose of Commonwealth remains.

Commonwealth countries also connect the markets and their international relations with key member countries.

Head of Commonwealth, makes personal visits to fellow countries so that mutual relations can be strengthened.

The chief also has the right to take decisions in all the ways related to the Commonwealth.

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Meanwhile, Commonwealth Chief Secretary and Secretary are in the center to implement various activities related to Commonwealth.

Prince Harry has been appointed Youth Ambassador of Commonwealth countries

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