We do not sell sex, it is just an art: Rakesh


A man wearing a lipstick without wearing a lanyard, lipstick on his lips, a mascara in his eyes, a dot on his forehead and a rubberband in a long hair was trying to penetrate the tentacles of the National School of Drama of Delhi.

At that time there were around eight o’clock in the night. This was the month of April.

The voice of the guard came from behind, “Sir, you can not go in.”

She immediately responds, “Bhaiya we are, Rakesh … Did not recognize? Third-year student, it’s our performance now. The ladies are dancing in the theater Olympics.


Feeling lax and weirdly tow
Theater festival
This year, the theater Olympic Festival was hosted for the first time in Delhi.

In this, about 25000 artists from 30 countries of the world took part.

At the closing ceremony, a performance of Rakesh Kumar’s grand dancer won everyone’s hearts.

Rakesh is a student of the National School of Drama of Delhi. Living in Siwan of Bihar The same NSD has come out from the famous celebrities like Anupam Kher, Pankaj Kapoor, Om Parmar.
To get here, Rakesh had to undergo five consecutive tests. After the written examination, he would always be out in the last round. But the defeat ahead of passion still stays there! After Rakesh’s passion, he also brought the NSD.

In the costume of the girl, Rakesh danced a strong dancer.

The dancer dance is very popular in rural areas of Bihar. In this, men wear dances in women’s costumes. These artists consider Bhikari Thakur, who is called Shakespeare of Bhojpuri, his ideal.

His drama ‘Bidasiya’ has been broadcast by Rakesh on several forums with his mentor Sanjay Upadhyay.

But this art is going to die slowly now.
NSD and Cloak Dancing
After all, how did Rakesh come to understand this kind of performance on the NSD platform?

Rakesh told , “Professionally, I will not dance myself, I did not even think myself, when I was a little, I used to go to the wedding, while dancing with the dancers also did not stop myself from dancing. At home, it was a lot of beatings, but still I did not think so. ”

Rakesh believed that his hobby started from there only.

Recalling an incident of childhood, he says, “In the sixth class, once Madam asked who would take part in the drama, pick up the hand. I took part and rolled the girl. My performance was well appreciated by people. So think I was addicted to it. ”
In Bihar’s rural areas, there is still the threat of dancing and dancing. In it men dance like a woman and dance. But it is also known for obscene dialogues and gestures.

However, there is also an ink aspect of Landa Dancing. The boys performing it are seen from a bad eye.

“Come on, go to the right place, walk in the slip,” Rakesh himself heard many such remarks.

As Rakesh is listening to these comments, people seem to be talking to a sex worker.

He says, “We do some sort of body business! It is an art.”
But like society did the family also disdain their art?

When answering this question, the first wrinkle of Rakesh’s face disappears immediately. Laughs out an old childhood story.

“No one has ever stopped me in my family, my father had given me reward for the first time on stage, he was also very good at five hundred rupees, my father is in the army, he looks very strict in appearance. When he encouraged me, I liked it. ”
What is the end of the dance dance?
How is the dance dance different from the other dance?

In response to this question, Rakesh says, “Playing the drum, playing hormonium, while playing the hoof, the dancer jumps on the jog junk band, and there is a lot of fun in it.”

From my childhood my neck was concave, there was a lot of flexibility in the waist, and by putting a fake breast with a makeup, I would immerse myself in the whole performance.

They believe that this art is now on the verge of ending. Now there are very few dancers who have left this kind of dancing. So they want this art not to die anymore.

He says, “By bringing this art to the NSD stage, I want to introduce an identity so that it can keep it alive.”

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