Viral sex video destroyed his life


This is the story of Tiziana Kanton, who, after having sex video viral, took the step of self-indulgence.

In April 2015, 31-year-old Tijianana, living in suburban Muggano area of ​​Naples, sent sex videos to five people on Whatsapp.

Those who received this video on WhatsApp received their boyfriend Sergio de Palo, with whom their relationship was not stable.

In those videos, Tiziana is having sex with many unknown people.

Terrya Petrosino, who is a friend of Teiziana for 15 years, remembers, “She was very beautiful, but she was also easily trusted. She was with the wrong people in the wrong time.”

Their videos were uploaded to several adult websites soon.
Tiziana’s mother Maria Teresa
Sex videos may not have spoiled anything, but one sentence of theirs ruined them.

In one of the videos he asks, “You are making video, Bravo!”

The message came from these words that she is an open-minded girl who likes to shoot during sex.

Those who watched the video instinctively took this message that if they are so happy when filming then they would not mind even seeing it.

But the people of Italy did not just watch the video. His comments started with his comments on T-shirts and websites.

The message was that he was very happy with all this

Social commentator Selvajia Lukarelli says, “People took this wrong message that they are such an open-minded girl who has no objection to being viral in this way. You can shoot a video and share it with some people. But it also includes that you will not make it public. ”

Legal battle
All this was extremely scary for Tiziana.

But they decided to face it. But there was no such way that they could delete the videos that had been viral.

He took the case to court. Told the court that the videos without their permission were uploaded on public sites.

But all this happens-their life was not normal.

His mother Maria Teresa Giglio points out that she started avoiding the exit.

“He understood that this matter would never be normal. His husband, his children, sometimes knew about these sex videos because they were never going to be retreating.”

After several weeks of mental retardation, Mother Maria raised her courage to tell journalists about her daughter.

He told , “My daughter was a good girl but she could have been affected, she did not get the father’s support from the time she was born, she never met him, its effect was on her whole life.”

Tiziana lived with her mother. She used to listen to Italian singers, read novels and played pianos. But after sex videos got online, their behavior changed completely. They started living within themselves.

His mother says, “His life was devastated and people began to make fun of him. He started calling with his name.”

In September, a court of Naples ordered that those viral videos be removed from websites and from search engines. But the court also ordered him to pay around 22 thousand dollars for legal expenses.

All this was enough. On 13 September 2016, Maria Teresa went to work at Giglio’s local town hall. The daughter was at home.

They got a phone. “My relative called me and asked to come home.” When I arrived there, I saw the police and Ambouses, I understood, tried to save her, my neighbors did not let me out of the car, I became almost unconscious. They did not want to let me go inside the house, I could not even see him for the last time, the day he died, my life has ended. ”

Mother’s struggle
Tiziana’s death increased people’s interest in their videos.

His mother also saw those videos. “I wanted to see all that to understand the truth, it was not my Tiziana.”

They feel that their daughter was given drug. They think that all this was a criminal conspiracy.

She wants her daughter’s former boyfriend de Palo to tell her what role she had in sharing the videos.

“He did not help me in saving my daughter’s life but maybe she could help me to know the truth.”

In November 2016, De Palo questioned for 10 hours. The prosecutors wanted to know whether anyone in Tiziana provoked suicide.

Tiziana Kanton’s suicide changed the way in which discussions about pornography and privacy in Italy. This was also a lesson for those who share the video of intimate moments online.

Tiziana’s videos are no longer found on the main search engines, but they still exist.

His mother Maria wants that the rest of Italy and the European Union develop a way in which private uploads can be quickly removed from the Internet.

She says, “I hope that the name of Tiziana Canton should not be known as fun, but as a survivor of other women’s lives.

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