United Nations Secretary-General speaks on Kathua Rape case

_100853569_gettyimages-945809708.jpgIndia’s Kathua rap assassination is being discussed internationally. Now the United Nations Secretary-General has strongly condemned the incident.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres described the incident of rape and murder as “scary” by an eight-year-old girl. They have expressed hope that the administration will ensure the justice in this regard.
Antonio Guterres
“On behalf of the journalists of the United Nations asked the Secretary-General’s response to Guteresh spokesman Stephen Dujarik on the incident said I think we have seen the media reports of the horror event of abuse of the child and murder. We express hope That the administration should bring these criminals to their conclusion, so that they can be held accountable for the murder of this child. ”

Consider the punishment for the hanging of girls up to 12 years of rape
Rally was held in support of the accused

In connection with this incident in January, eight people have been arrested, including four policemen. There are also allegations of removal of evidence on policemen.

This matter so much came to prominence as recently removed the tricolor flying in an organization party accused the Hindu Unity stage name. Two BJP ministers included in the BJP-PDP government in Jammu and Kashmir were also present in this program.

Both of these ministers publicly endorsed this rally which was launched in favor of the accused. On Saturday, both the ministers handed over their resignation to the state president of the party.

Kadua case: two BJP ministers resign
‘Daughters will get justice’

An eight-year-old girl, belonging to Bakkarwal Muslim community, was missing from her house on January 10. A week later, his corpse was recovered from a nearby forest area.

It is alleged that six people kept the girl hostage and raped her on a Hindu shrine in the village. According to the investigation, the drug was given to the baby.

After this, when the rally came out in favor of the accused, nationwide fury came out on this incident.

On the incident, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also gave the much anticipated statement on Saturday. He said that it was “shameful”, “I want to reassure it that a criminal will not Bkhsha and get justice for our daughters

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