Trump’s threat, like dogs barking : North Korea


A top diplomat from North Korea described the speech of US President Donald Trump in the United States, “like dog barking”.

Trump had said in the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, “If North Korea creates a threat to the United States or its allies, then we will completely ruin North Korea.”

On this threat from Trump, North Korea’s remarks come for the first time that Foreign Minister Rey Yong-ho remarks.

In response to US sanctions, North Korea continues its program of developing nuclear programs and weapons.

External Affairs Minister Rei told reporters at the United Nations headquarters in New York, “It’s just like a dog barks, caravans move forward.”

How does it feel from within North Korea?

‘Mixing Reality and Fiction Trump’s Habit’


What to say in the UN on North Korea Trump
What was said by Trump?
They said, “If they are thinking that they will scare us with the sound of a dog’s bark, then it is clear that they are dreaming.”

Regarding the North Korean top leader, Trump had said in the United Nations, “Rocket Man is on a suicidal mission for himself and his government.”

When Foreign Minister Rei was asked what his reaction to Kim Jong, when he was called a ‘rocket man’, he said, “I am feeling sorry for his colleagues.”

On Friday, there will be speeches in the United Nations on Friday.

On the other hand, South Korea said Thursday that it will send humanitarian aid to North Korea for the first time in two years.
South Korea will send humanitarian aid
Seoul’s Ministry of Integration has planned to help $ 8 million in the United Nations program to improve children, pregnant women and health services.

These decisions have been taken one day after the United Nations ban decision on Pyongyang.

These restrictions were imposed on September 3 after North Korea’s nuclear test.

Experts say that North Korea has achieved incredibly success in creating long distance missiles and nuclear weapons.

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