Thousands of Ghalib’s Aspiration also have a similar …

_100910108_ghalib-8.jpgThe famous poet Mirza Asadullah Khan was a special place for Calcutta (now Calcutta) in the heart of Mirza Ghalib. They had a very old and close relationship with this city.

Although Ghalib was born in Agra and he lived in Delhi but in some corner of his heart this metropolis was deeply settled.

In Kolkata, the name of a road is also named after her ‘Mirza Ghalib Street’.

On the occasion of the 221th birth anniversary of Mirza Ghalib, his poetry has been engraved with a picture of Ghalib on that road to pay homage to him. With this the road has turned into a living museum.

Ghalib’s unheard-of and fun story
Ghaliib, who arrived in this metropolis in February, 1826, was renting six rupees a month in a house in Calcutta.

However, those who live there no longer do not know about it.
The Kolkata-based house where Ghalib used to be.
Ghalib khwhish
Preeti Dhar, who lives in a three-storeyed red house, says, “My forefathers had bought this house long ago. We have no information about Mirza Ghalib here, but it is our fortune that in this house, Have lived great shires. ”

Actually, there was also a living in Calcutta among the thousands of wishes of Mirza. But there was a compulsion to return to Delhi in front of them.

‘Ghalib’s Andaz-e-Baia and …’
In spite of this, his painting continued to be painful towards Calcutta.

This was the reason that Ghalib had written about the mention of this metropolis in his talk with the people who met him, ‘Hi ki ki ki kakta ki ki jiar ki ki hum ki hum nasin / ai aur ki hiti cheena ki hum hi’.

Describing Bengal as a wonderful place, Ghalib had said that the Bengali people have lived even a hundred years behind and even a hundred years ahead.

During his stay here, Ghalib used to be present regularly at Musasharsh in Calcutta Madrasa College.
‘Ghalib was ahead of time’

However, after the dispute over language issue, they left to go there.

Renowned poet Shrivasu says, “Ghalib was a lot ahead of his time, because of his intelligence, he was caught in literary controversy.”

Despite returning from Kolkata a year later, his love interest with this metropolis did not go down even well. This is also reflected in his writings.
Actually, Ghalib was not intended as a motive but he had to resume his family pension from the East India Company.

Earlier, his family got ten thousand rupees annually. But for some reason the government had reduced this pension.

But despite living here a year, when he did not get success in it, he left Calcutta in August, 1829 with a heavy heart.
But this dying metropolis has been sitting in some corner of his chest.

The Calcutta Electric Supply Company (CEAC) has replaced Ghalib’s Shero-Shayari in electricity distribution boxes at Mirza Ghalib Street in Park Street area and turned it into a lively museum.
“It is a way of conveying the rich history and heritage of Kolkata to local people and tourists and pay tributes to celebrities attached to this metropolis,” says a CEAC spokesman.

Keep in mind that before this Satyajit Ray and Subhash Chandra Bose have also been remembered in this manner.

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