The story of poet Prasoon Joshi of ‘Modi Durbar’, The journalists who are sitting within

_100946494_dbfum5hxkaagbf9.jpgNovember 25, 2017

The preparations for the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai’s Gateway of India were going on. Prasun Joshi was able to read the poem ‘possible’ on the stage, but only then, the director of the show standing there, said, “The pain brings pain, pain.

Upon hearing this, I stood under the stage and Prasoon Joshi leaned over me. Prasun might not be able to influence his director on that day. But after nearly five months, Prasun Joshi, who came to the post of journalist, was impressed by Prime Minister Modi’s ‘Director’ of the country.

On April 18 in London, Modi’s program was hosted by songwriter Prasun Joshi, two hours and 20 minutes long, with ‘India’s talk of everything’. Seeing this whole program, three roles of Prasoon arise.

First: asking questions of common people about Modi

Second: Ask your complaining questions to Modi

Third: Reading the poems and poems about ‘India and Modi’.

Understand this from a small example of Prasoon Joshi’s question.

‘Modi ji, do you ever become impatient? It is frustrating sometimes that things are not being run by the speed of the bullet train according to Modi ji.

Hailing the question, Modi says, “I did not know that a journalist is sitting within the poet too.”


Narendra Modi

On the day when I will end my egoism, I will not come to work for the country.

Eagerly gives me strength and energy. #BharatKiBaat

11:24 AM – 19 April 2018
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Senior journalist Parvez Alam, who was present in London, wrote on the program: “Every thing in this show, what is to come, what will be the question, what answer will it be? Lyricist Prasoon Joshi, who took the interview of Modi, also played a role of kamal. Ask questions like that Prime Minister Modi got into grief. ”

But Gaggad Modi and Kaviraj Prasoon Joshi did not stop here. Changed things for two hours and 20 minutes, but in the original sense the praise remained.

So this speech goes to the past and tells you the story of Prasoon Joshi.

‘After giving praise, tell yourself Saint Modi’

Almora’s boy dodging the rules of science
Prasun Joshi’s ‘passing through’ started from the mountains. Born in 1971 in Almora, Uttarakhand Father was a PCS officer. Mother classical singer

Both parents were interested in music. In an interview given to the Economic Times, Prasun had said, “If the father was a PCS officer, then it was not difficult to keep the library open till late in the night. In the morning the sleeping mother opens with Riyaz. ”

But Prasun did not sing, chose to write. At the age of 17, I wrote the first book, ‘I Aur Woh’. Prasoon has written five books so far.

Prasun, who dumped the rules of science through songs such as ‘Stars do not lie on the ground’, posts postgraduate and MBA in physics.

But soon Prasoon caught the second path.
How did the start of Ad Guru Prasoon’s career?
After doing MBA, Prasoon Joshi started his career as a junior copywriter in the ad company ‘Oglvy and Mather’.

This is Piyush Pandey’s mentor add company, who wrote the slogan ‘Abeki Bar Modi Sarkar’ for Narendra Modi’s election campaign in 2014.

In this company Prasoon Joshi is also interesting about getting a job.

In the interview given to Shyamal Majumdar of Business Standard, Prasun told about this.

Prasun says, “Oglvy and Mather’s head tossed the picture of a tile on me and said that within two hours, write a detailed copy on it and submit it. I wrote a copy in ten minutes and submitted it. In a few seconds the boss said – you have been put on a job.

Prasun had written in this copy, “You have to be very rich to get these tiles. Rich in your fantasies. ”

In year 2002, Prasoon joined McAnne, another ad company. While staying in this company, Prasun wrote several add and punchlines.

‘Abe flower pot, cold means coca cola
Saiyya More not giving Guppy’s pappi Why do people eat chloramint? Do not ask again
Cold temperament … tara of yara
Guests are like God:’
Hopeful sunshine, sunsigned hope The excuses of crying are low, more laughing. ‘
Image copywrite
It is not that the punchlines written by Prasun Joshi were just liked. There was also a view of some critics about the “expectant sunshine” campaign that the truth of Prasoon society was denied and it appeared as a market supporter.

But the truth is that Prasun’s cooling means the Coca-Cola campaign got the world’s prestigious Kan Lion Award in 2003. Prasoon’s name, who started his career since 1992, now started to know the world.

Prasun’s connection to Modi is not of today. When Modi was CM of Gujarat, then Prasun Joshi goes to the credit of writing the Golden Gujarat campaign.

According to a songwriter who is associated with the film industry, Prasoon Joshi who started his career with Rs 1500 … Now he takes about four to six lakh rupees for writing a song.
Prasun Joshi’s journey to films …
‘There is no earth, you do not have any gagan, like the leaves from the branch, take you like a wind, who is the city?’

These were the initial words, which came out of Prasoon Joshi’s pen and made a song in any film.

The film was in the year 2001, Rajkumar Santoshi’s film Lajja.

Flop on the movie box office In such a situation, lyricist Prasoon Joshi had to wait to make an identity. In 2006, the film ‘Rang De Basanti’ came in.

‘The disturbance is disturbing … going through some bloodshed … the school of fun … Luka hiding .. You can tell me nothing.’ Such songs climbed to people’s zodiac.

The impact of these songs showed on the crowd of youths on the streets after the Anna movement and the gang-rape case in 2012. It was also a crowd, which was troubled by the system and in his mind had to ‘kill somebody to bleed’.

Look, these are the dew drops …

Keep the slogan of the world alive, keep the floor’s gesture …

Open Open Doors, Curtains Doors … ‘

You are all a know, is not a mother ….

The songs of the movie were also liked in 2007 on ‘Taare Zameen’.
Delhi-6, Reservations, London Dreams, Black, Neeraja, Hum Tum, Ghajni, Fana .. These are the names of some of the films for which Prasun wrote songs.

Prasun Joshi had also written the work of Milkha Singh’s life on the film, ‘Part Milkha Bhag’.

In 2018, Kangna Ranaut’s movie ‘Manikarnika – The Queen’s of Jhansi’ will tell you the songs written by Prasoon Joshi.
Prasun Joshi’s ‘Achieve-e-Mehfil’
2002: Advertising World’s ABBY Award
2003: Cannes Lion Award
2005: Screen Award for ‘Breathless Breath’
2007: Filmfare Award for Singing Chand Recommendation
2008: National Film Award for ‘Mother’ and Filmfare
2013: National Film Award for the song ‘Bolo Na’ for ‘Chitgong’ movie
2014: For the movie ‘Junk Milkha Bhasha’, ‘Jinda Hai So To Complete the Cup’, Filmfare
2015: Best Story Award for the film ‘Part Milkha Bhaag’
2015: Padma Shri Award
2017: Prasun Joshi, chairman of the Nihalani censor board chairman after being removed from the controversy

Prasun Joshi while discussing national issues
Prasun Joshi reached the spark of protest against ‘Padmavat’. Mahendra Singh Mewar, the chief of Mewar’s former royal house, had accused Prasoon Joshi of keeping him in the dark.

Singh wrote a letter to the Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Smriti Irani in this regard. It was alleged that the way the censor board has taken action in the green light, the question has raised questions about the credibility of the board.

Prasun Joshi could not attend the Jaipur Literature Festival in 2018 due to the same protests.

Prasun Joshi’s poem was discussed in the year 2010 on Ayodhya Temple issue. Poetry was spoken,

‘Someone had made something. Someone has made something

Do not know whose temple is there or do not know whose mosque is

If there is a storm in the Hindu, if the storm is Muslim

Then come hurricane storm makes something new. ‘

After the Nirbhaya Gangrepe case, Prasun Joshi was seen singing his poem ‘Babul Mora Jiya Ghabrai’ on the streets.

Prasoon Joshi wrote a poem on Facebook after the death of Praduuam in Ryan International School last year, which became quite viral.
Who likes Prasoon Joshi?
In the days of Prasoon Joshi’s wife Aparna Tengi, she helped her financially.

Prasoon Joshi loves Gulzar very much. Prasoon often says, “I forgive Mumbai despite many things. Because there’s Gulzar Saheb. ”

Prasun’s favorite musician Shankar Ehsaan Loy is. In many of his interviews, Prasoon Joshi seems to be saying that he enjoys social work.

Prasun Joshi had written the title track of Aamir Khan’s show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ too.
Loyalty to a poet’s power …
Prasun Joshi, as a censor board chairman, went to London and praised Modi for some people.

Priyadarshan, senior journalist writes, “What Prasoon Joshi is doing in London is a sign of flattery. In London, you do not ask the Prime Minister very uncomfortable questions, it is understandable, but ask questions – here is just a commendation. ”


Om Thanvi
Prasoon Joshi broke the record of flattery. All sponsored questions. Modiji was happy. How blazon face Romeo Romance Just keep the bag taken from home in the hands of “Fakir”, it was left to live!

11:37 pm – 18 April 2018
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saintness mention came in the above tweet, because Prasoon Joshi had asked a question of innocence with Modi- a fakir is with you. Where is the fakiri come from?

On the question of a poet, the love of Modi was woken up. He could not hear his poem, but King Ranti recites the poem of Dev, “I do not want the state’s wish. Neither do I want liberation, nor do I want to reborn …. ”

It is possible that the people who heard Modi’s election speech are contradictory in line with the ‘wish of the state’.

But a poem does or does not work. The possibility of a new poem gives birth to sure.

‘An Asaman falls short and invites

Are the bishops flying my / wings this blue color

Dreams are happening to hundreds of millions of people

Have come out of India

At the end of the long compliments of Modi, Prasoon Joshi concludes the program with these lines.

Seeing this, it seems that perhaps poet, AdGuru, chairman of the censor Board and now the journalist Prasoon Joshi has taken a line written in his life.

‘If you are alive then take the cup full …’

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