Sweden’s famous DJ Avichi passes away

_100970813_gettyimages-510091382.jpgSweden’s famous DJ Avichi has passed away at the age of 28. Avichi had worked with a band like Madonna, Coldplay.

Avici’s Club Wake Me Up, O Brother and recently Rita Ora had made popular songs like Lonely Together.

Avichi’s representative said in a statement, “With great sadness, we announce that Tim Burling, who also called Avchi, do not stay in our midst.”

“The family is in deep misery and we hope that all of you will respect their privacy in this difficult hour.”
health problem
The reasons for the death of Avichi have not been told yet and the representatives of Avichi have said that no further statement will be issued in this regard.

Avichi was already having health related problems. In 2014, his Gaul Blader and the Appendix were fired.

Because of health problems, he stopped touring in 2016.

At that time Avichi had said, “I am lucky that I have traveled and performed all over the world, but now I have enough time left to live like a common man.”
Who was Avi?
In the last 10 years, he has been a big name in the world of dance music.
In the year 2008, he started his career.
His ‘Spotify’ was heard 11 hundred million times.
He was the first electronic dance music DJ who had traveled around the world.
He was nominated for two Grammy Awards.
Because of drinking more alcohol, he had health problems.

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