SPECIAL: KATHUA Gang Rape Case- ‘We could not even bury our daughter in the cemetery’

_100853812_59974f4d-3af3-4b7c-9ce2-f6fa6f6f2a17.jpgThe question … Hundreds of questions of a mother, the question was asked of the mother whose eight-year-old daughter was gangraped and gangraped. The question of the mother whose child has committed a crime has made religious lawyers deeper.

‘Our child … What did he eat? What was he missing? What was the theft? Why did they hit? ‘

‘Took it far away. Do not know how to take it in the stove, did not know how to pick up, how do you know?

‘This is what we regret … how to hit him’

There are questions that do not stop. one after the other.

Or the pain of a mother’s soft heart splits from the depths!
Women of Bakarwal Community
On the hills of Durga Nalla in Udhampur, when he is putting the clashes of questions on us, my daughter faces a victim of an eight-year rape.


‘What was wrong with our daughter?’
Exactly like a mother, similar big eyes, white color.

When he returned in meditation throughout the second, he was saying, “My daughter was beautiful, clever, smart, she used to walk (going through the forests) back also.”

“But that day did not come and we got his body.”

Sheep, goats and cows are roaming nearby. Bakarwali dogs are burning sun lounges in chains after night’s cold. The horses are grazing with their children.
Sheep-goats A woman from the Chatar Bakarwal community
He was also very fond of horses. Her sister told that she was fond of playing and she could ride very well with horses, horses.

The horse was grazed on that day in the forest of Kathua, when he was abducted and the body was thrown into the forest after seven days of gang rape.
Girl’s sister
Sleeping mother says, “The first three daughters were mine, now only two are left.”

He had given that daughter to brother, after the death of brother’s daughter in an accident after death.

At the time of the accident, the real parents of the victim were camping in Samba. His baby girl was living in the village with his mamu in Kathua.

Ground Report: Hindu-Muslim ditch after Kathua rap, and appeared
correspondent Faisal Mohammad Ali talking to the child’s father
After seven days it was not easy to get a dead body and get it.

The father explains, “The policemen began to say that some of your Bakarwals would have been killed. They were saying that the villagers can not do such a bad thing.”

Kadua case: two BJP ministers resign
Baby girl
The mother of a baby girl wearing a shawl jumper and a green shawl says, “If your death dies, then you will have patience.” Speaking of death, the world dies, he also dies. ”

“We can not even buried our daughter in her graveyard,” says the father of the victim, wearing cream-colored chalawar-chemise and checking the tumble tigers. He had to take us to another village in the night. ”

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