Prime Minister break Silence on Kathua-Unnao rap case

_100842420_modi1.jpgPrime Minister Narendra Modi broke the silence on the incidents of rape in Unnao and Kathua. Describing both incidents as embarrassing, he said that the Government of India will not allow any punishment for the punishment of the guilty.

Although he did not respond to questions about the two questions about the BJP against the two cases.

The Prime Minister was speaking at the Dr. Ambedkar National Memorial in New Delhi on Friday, a day before the birth anniversary of the constitutionist Bhimrao Ambedkar.

What Prime Minister spoke on Kathua-Unnao

“The incidents that are discussed in the last two days do not adorn any civil society, it is shameful. As a society, as a country, we all are ashamed for it.
In any state of the country, such incidents in any area shock our human sensibilities. But I want to convince the country that no criminal will survive, justice will be done and complete. Our daughters will be together in justice.
‘Unnao Rape Case opened Yogi Adityanath’s Poll’

If Kuldeep Sengar was Kuldeep Tiwari …

We have to work together to eliminate this internal evil of our society.
You will remember that after becoming the Prime Minister in 2014, my first speech was from the ramparts of the Red Fort. I had the courage to speak from the Red Fort and I said that the girl comes late, then we ask her why did she come late, where did she go? I said that I want to tell the parents who ask the girls to ask their sons, where did they go, why did they come late night?
These are the victims of the mothers sisters who are the sons of a mother or not, and therefore, the social sentiment, it becomes the responsibility of all of us. We all have to fight the evils of the society together.
This is all our responsibility and the Government of India will not allow anybody to fulfill this responsibility, I give assurance to the people of this country.

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