Press Review: How many legislators-MPs are cases of crime against women?


Amar Ujala has reported in a report on the Association for Democratic Reform, that 48 MPs and MLAs of the country have crimes against women.

According to the report, 33% of the country’s 1,580 MPs are those who have criminal cases registered.

Of these 48 MPs – MLAs are accused of crimes against women. The number of such leaders in BJP is 12 which is the highest.

Talking about the states, the maximum 12 cases against women are on MP MPs of Maharashtra.

After this, such cases are registered in West Bengal’s 11, Orissa and five-five people of Andhra Pradesh.
600 crore increase in Karnataka minister’s property
According to a report from the Indian Express, the property of Karnataka Congress minister DK Shivakumar has increased in the last five years with an investment of Rs 600 crore.

During the Rajya Sabha elections in Gujarat last year, Shivkumar had arranged for the living and dining of Congress legislators of Gujarat.

In 2013, after the assembly elections in his property, a total increase of Rs 589 crores has been made. This information was given by Shivkumar in his nomination papers in the Election Commission.

Shivakumar’s assets are the highest among candidates who have filed their nomination in Karnataka. Shivkumar, 55, has declared assets worth Rs. 840 crores.
Two postmortem reports were sent
According to the news of Dainik Jagran, the child was not raped in Kathua. The newspaper has cited the post-mortem report saying there is no mention of misbehavior in it.

The Medical Superintendent of Kathua District Hospital has submitted two girl child mortality reports to SIT, who is investigating the case. Normally the hospital sends the same post-mortem report to the deceased.

The shocking thing is that according to the newspaper, the two reports do not match with each other, while in both the reports, there is no mention of rape with the child.

It has been reported in the news that in the first report, there is talk of six wounds on the child’s body, while the second report mentions seven wounds.

In the charge sheet of the crime branch, it was said that after killing a child, stones were said to be killed, but in the post-mortem report there is no mention of any kind of fracture in the skull.

However, no newspaper other than Dainik Jagran has given such news.
CA will be leaving everything saint
According to a report from The Times of India, a CA, who is related to a business family in Mumbai, Makshesh Seth is going to become a Jain saint by abandoning everything.

His family runs JK Corporation and has assets worth crores of rupees.

CA Mokshish from the profession says that instead of account books, now wants to audit religion.

He says that when he was fifteen years old, he had the idea of ​​becoming a Jain saint for the first time in his mind. He said that I wish for such inner peace which can not be found in the physical world.

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