Point of view: Whom does the profit , whom loss to politics on Kathua rape case?

_100906597_gettyimages-496086440.jpgThe PDP has to face criticism on the ground since the People’s Democratic Party and BJP formed a strange kind of coalition in Jammu and Kashmir since the year 2015.

But the Gangrape case that took place with the eight-year-old girl of Kutch district of Jammu helped CM Mehbooba Mufti to deal with the odd situation, due to which Jammu and Kashmir were face to face.

Since Mehbooba Mufti has forced two BJP ministers Chandraksh Ganga and Lal Singh to resign, there is a kind of change since then.

Both the Ministers had played an important role in the removal of a rally under the banner of Hindu Ekta Manch in support of the accused in the Kathua Rape case.

Because the rap has happened with a Muslim girl and all the accused are Hindus. In this case, this matter divides people into Hindu-Muslim.

Kattau Case: From Rape and Murder to Jammu Vs. Kashmir

Jammu: ‘Rape, the girl was kept in the temple before the murder’
Part of government
Chandra Prakash Ganga and Lal Singh took part in the rally of Hindu Ekta Mancha on March 1. In this, the demands of this organization were supported.

The demand of the Hindu Ekta Manch was that the investigation of this case should be referred to the CBI.

As soon as the chargesheet of the case was filed in court in protest against attempts of lawyers in Kathua on 9th April, the atmosphere started to create an atmosphere that the presence of these Ministers was the acceptance of BJP against this horrendous crime which was part of the Government Are there.

Since Jammu and Kashmir were divided into two parts in this case. In this case, Mehbooba Mufti became a major challenge for this issue.

He has said in the matter from the first day that the victims will be given justice and no rigging will occur.
Mahbuba Mufti’s Big Bets
Mehbooba also trusted in the crime branch in this case which is led by SSP Ramesh Kumar, who is also a Kashmiri Hindu.

CM Mehbooba Mufti has been in touch with PM Narendra Modi, Home Minister Rajnath Singh and BJP President Amit Shah in this matter from the beginning, to ensure the resignation of two ministers.

In this case, when attempts were made by the lawyers to disrupt the judicial process by not giving the charge sheet to the crime branch, the team was attacked enough.

In such a case, Mehbooba Mufti succeeded in convincing the BJP leadership that her decisions are making such an image that the BJP is supporting the rapists.

Because of the Unnao Rape Case, Mehbooba was successful in creating pressure on the BJP in the pressure.

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What strengthened Mehbooba Mufti?
If the question arises that Mehbooba Mufti’s position has been strengthened or not, then the answer is yes.

For Mahbubah, taking a decision on an issue on which the state was already divided on a religious basis was a difficult task.

The decision to take these ministers out of the cabinet was so that the coalition could be in danger.

But he carefully took advantage of the sensitivity of this issue, which helped him.

BJP came to power after winning all the 25 seats of Hindu-majority Jammu region. In such a situation, its vote bank is all familiar with the politics.

For this reason, in addition to these two ministers, Union Minister of State Jitendra Singh had also supported the CBI probe so that the message could be delivered to their vote bank.

Whereas crime branch is also part of the same police which comes under the PDP-BJP government.
Why Mehbooba’s decision is important?
These bets are important for Mehbooba, because since the formation of the government, BJP has not joined them on important issues till date.

During a rally in Srinagar on November 7, 2015, PM Modi publicly did not give importance to the then Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed because he had supported the forward movement with Pakistan.

The central government is carrying out a stringent policy like a military policy in Kashmir, which does not support PDP because it is known for its soft separatist attitude.

The objectives of this coalition have not given any importance to the past three years.
Electoral politics
Talks with Pakistan, Hurriyat, attempts to increase mutual trust, were all the main reasons for this coalition.

But instead of focusing on these issues, BJP has raised the problems of PDP on the ground.

Accepting the PDP’s stand is against the main ideology of BJP, which is based on Pakistan and the Hurriyat opposition.

Similarly, BJP is running its electoral politics in Jammu and all parts of the country.

Instead of making pressure to hand over the case to the CBI on Mehbooba Mufti, it has been quite a burden for the BJP to force her ministers to resign.

Because BJP preferred to stay in the coalition. BJP has succeeded in forming the government for the first time in this state and the next year is the general election.

In such a situation, BJP can not afford the risk of instability in the state like Jammu and Kashmir.
Mahbuba emerges as a winner
According to some sources, if BJP tried to save its ministers, it could put the coalition in jeopardy because Mehbooba was ready to leave the coalition. And the party could not afford this trouble at this time.

Mehbooba has emerged as the winner in this bet.

He sacked his Finance Minister Hasib Drabu in his party and gave a strong message.

It was therefore important to go out of the pot because they were asserting that the coalition government of this government is on their shoulders.

Because he and Ram Madhav were the creators of this alliance. But Mehbooba has removed these misconceptions by expelling them, but their real challenge is linked to security in Kashmir.

In this way, he is able to run his coin in Kashmir’s politics, it will tell time

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