point of view : How easy is it to make Lok Sabha and Assembly elections together?

_100948029_gettyimages-919709066.jpgLaw Commission means that the Law Commission is in favor of bringing together the Lok Sabha and the Vidhan Sabha elections in the country. In this regard, the Commission has sought the views of constitutional experts, political parties and other stakeholders before finalizing its report.

In February this year, speculations were being made that the Prime Minister can make the 2019 Lok Sabha elections ahead of time. According to some people, in the elections of Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, Lok Sabha elections can also be held in December.

But how is it possible to conduct general elections and assembly elections together in a vast republic like India?

Narendra Modi, why not choose prematurely?
Talk about today’s situation, it does not seem likely.

Assembly elections have been held in different states in the last six-twelve months and the tenure of the government in these states is up to five years. No government or assembly member would like to disrupt their assembly, and once again the elections of states will be done with the general elections. It is a difficult task for the leader to be willing to do this.

The second important issue is that there are other difficulties in making the elections together. In today’s election, in one state the Election Commission could not make an election together. Elections are held in four or five phases in many major states. So it is also impossible to think of the assembly elections in general with the general elections.
Technical issues
Recently, by-elections in Bihar were held in which electronic voting machines were found to have been defective. When there are technical difficulties in getting elections in some seats, it can not be said that it will not be so in the big election. The defect of the machine can be seen as a major problem.

At the same time, the problem of deploying the security forces necessary to maintain law and order in the country can also emerge.

We do not have too many security forces. If we put all the security forces in the election, the atmosphere in the country (already there are increasing incidents of violence and crime) will be difficult to control.
Issues vary
Issues of general elections and issues of assembly elections also make a difference. Where big issues are raised in the general elections, there are limited or state-related issues in the assembly elections.

The Bharatiya Janata Party is pushing this debate. It is easy to influence the one-sided voter in the elections of the states, but the mood of the voter in the Lok Sabha is different. Maybe the party is understanding that taking the Lok Sabha and assembly elections together will help them.

This role should be from the Election Commission. He should talk to all sections of the society and there should be a debate in this case in the country. It is a long debate and it will be resolved in six-twelve months. It is not so.

This work is not for a commission. This is not a legal issue. This case wants to sort out the law commission shortcut, which is not right because it is a complicated matter related to the election. This attempt of the Law Commission seems unfortunate.
Idea of ​​picking up in 2003
Former Deputy Prime Minister LK Advani had said in August 2003 that the Central Government is seriously considering the elections of the assemblies of the Lok Sabha and the state assemblies together.

Talking to journalists in Pune city of Maharashtra, he told the first time of the year to be the most suitable time for elections.

He had said that the Bharatiya Janata Party’s learning is that if the ruling party has to work in the election environment always, there is a hindrance in running a good government.
However, Chief Election Commissioner JM Lyngdoh dismissed the proposal of LK Advani.

He believed that it was important to reduce the election expenditure, but he had called the Lok Sabha and the Assembly elections together to be undemocratic and had said that it is not allowed to have the Constitution

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