Pakistan reply to Modi’s ‘Surgical Strike’

_100942966_gettyimages-496870316.jpgOn Wednesday, Prime Minister Modi, who had a hearty Indian community in the ‘talk about India’ program in London’s Westminster Central Hall, gave an aggressive statement to Pakistan.

In response to a question asked on a surgical strike in Pakistan, the Indian PM had said, “This is Modi, knows how to answer in the same language.”

Now Pakistan has said in response to Modi’s statement that the threatening statement of India should be concerned by the international community. The Pakistani Foreign Ministry said that the international community should take cognizance of it and stop the injustice of the Indian Army in Kashmir.

At the same time, Pakistan also dismissed the claims of PM Modi’s surgical strike. The Pakistani Foreign Ministry said that this is nothing but a lie.
In September 2016, the Indian Army had claimed that it had surgical strikes near the LoC near Pakistan. Then the Pakistani army had denied India’s claim that the action was limited to the firing on the Line of Control.

In response to a question asked on Wednesday on the surgical strike, Prime Minister Modi said, “India’s character is to be invincible, it is to be victorious, but it is not India’s character to snatch the right of anyone.” But when to export a terrestrial If you are making an industry, innocent innocent people of my country are killed, there is no strength to fight. If efforts are made to strike back, then it is Modi It knows how to answer in the same language. ”

The PM said, “Look at our goodness, I told our officers that before you know Hindustan, call on the army of Pakistan and tell them tonight, we have done this tonight, these dead bodies will be lying there. Bring them out of there. We were calling them from 11 o’clock in the morning, they were scared to come on the phone, they were not coming, they came to the phone at 12 o’clock, and then we told the world that the Indian army had this right Justice To Rapt and we did that. ”
Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman Dr Mohammad Faisal said, “The claim of surgical strike of Indian PM is ridiculous. This is nothing but the imagination of India which will never be able to create reality. There is gloom in the voice of India. India is being criticized internationally for torturing atrocities in Kashmir. India tries such a number of times to divert attention from Kashmir. ”

On Wednesday, Modi had said on a surgical strike, “Our soldiers sleeping in the tents, kill some of them in the night, and somebody will want to kill me. Should I keep silent or not give the answer to the brick or stone? I am proud of my army, proud of my army, I am proud of the plan which I had made, and it came back after sunrise.

There were also questions about surgical strife against Pakistan in India. Some political parties had demand for evidence, but the government and the army were told that they would present evidence when needed. The Modi government at the Center had taken the leaders demanding the evidence and said that the army was being suspected.

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