No, the BBC did not tell the end of the world


An imaginary video is being shared on whatsapp, with the branding of BBC News showing the beginning of the thermonuclear war in the world.

These videos are not real, but the concerned audience has contacted the BBC. Many of these people have found this story true.

These videos were originally shared on YouTube where the posting media company had clearly stated that it is fictional. Now these accounts have been closed.

But these videos are being shared on whatsapp without explanation and many people are finding it true.

What’s in the video?
These videos start with a familiar shot from BBC Newsroom and a news presenter announces ‘serious incident between Russia and NATO’ for wrinkle on the face.

“No clear details have been found so far, but the initial reports indicate that a reconnaissance plane of Russia has been attacked by Nato forces ships,” says the prefecture.

It has been further informed in the report that the situation has become so serious that Russian warships have targeted the NATO bases and the British Raj family has been taken safely. An emergency broadcast has been asked to stay in homes from all the people and it has been told that the thermonuclear war has started and the city of Munich and the large part of Frankfurt have been destroyed.

All the precautions have been taken in the creation of this fictional story but there are many flaws in it.

Although the BBC’s branding has been used, fonts, styles, and layouts are very different.
If you find a video from a large media institution and you feel that it is furious, first of all, check the homepage of that media institution’s website.

In the event of the incident, when the thermonuclear war broke out, and the BBC has circulated the news on it, it would be as if it was on BBC News website and confirmed by other sources.

Who made this video?

The YouTube account has now been deleted so that this video was shared.
This fictional video was made for an Irish company in the year 2016 and it has actor Mark Rice.

Mark Rice told, “It was created by a company named Batchmarking Assessment Group, whose purpose was to examine the psychometric test of its customers to see how they would respond to the emergency.”

He says, with the real video published on YouTube, it is clearly written that this is a fantasy video and in reality the real BBC News is not exactly as it looks. Its purpose was never to be realistic.

He says, “I had acted as an actor in it and it was recorded on the green screen. I had no role in its production and editing.”

What does the BBC say?

BBC News Press Team

This video clip claims to be a #BBC news report about NATO and Russia has been circulating widely, specializing on WhatsApp We want to make absolutely clear that it’s a #fake and does not come from the BBC. #fakenews

2:59 pm – 19 April 2018
2,622 people are talking about this

On Thursday morning, the BBC press office tweeted and informed that he was aware of the BBC’s shared reports about the NATO and Russia, which is being shared at a large level.

BBC spokesman wrote, “These videos have come from YouTube, where it has been clarified that it is imaginary.”


BBC News Press Team

Replying to @BBCNewsPR
The video appears to have come from YouTube where there is a disclaimer about its being a fictional dramatization; However, this information is not being repeated when it’s shared, so our tweet.

3:40 pm – 19 April 2018
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The statement said, “Though this explanation was not given when this video was shared and that is why we are tweeting this

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