Naroda Patiya: ‘If such people are innocent, then the heart will be hurt only.’


In the Naroda Patiya riots case on Friday, the Gujarat High Court acquitted Maya Kodnani, a minister of state in the BJP government. His PA Kirpal Singh Chhabra has also been acquitted.

At the same time, the life of Babur Bajrangi, Bajrang Dal leader, has reduced the life sentence of life to 21 years.

After the decision came, Naroda Patia went to Gujarati Service’s correspondent, Sagar Patel, to speak to the victims.

A victim Rukasana told her story in detail. He said that two people were killed in his family.

Naroda Patia case: Maya Kodnani acquitted of high court
Maya Kodnani has been acquitted in the riot case
He said, “My entire family lived here and there were eight people in our family. In 2002 we were having breakfast and my sister was killed, she was washing clothes at that time, my mother also died in this riot. If there was a ruckus, then we ran towards Gopinath Gangotri Society and we were surrounded by people there. ”

Rukasana explains that many people in neighboring neighborhood including her mother and sister were killed.
Rukasana’s mother and sister were killed in a riot
What helped them? On this question he said that he did not get help when he ran towards the Gangotri Society.

She says she is not happy with this decision.

He says, “We are not happy because, as a woman, we have danced nakedness of women, have killed people, the woman has not respected the woman, if it had happened to him or her daughter. If such people would be left innocent then the heart would be hurt.

A second victim told that he saw the riots himself.

He said, “It will not be possible if we leave innocent people innocent, we have seen them with our eyes.”

A victim Sharifa Bibi Shaikh said, “I was in the house and there were four boys and one girl, and then we ran away in the dhaba, my 16-year-old son was killed in front of me, my son was killed by the sword After being killed, gasoline was burnt and the heart of the court is suffering from the decision. ”

Who is Maya Kodnani who was acquitted by High Court
Sharifa Bibi Shaikh’s son was killed in the riots
In this case Babu Bajrangi, convicted, says that Babu Bajrangi, like Kodnani, will be abandoned.

She says, “Slowly all will be left, I have not got justice, we fear that after the people leave, they will do the same again, no leader comes and does not talk about our problems, we demand that they be punished. Do not do this again with anyone, my house now has three sons and a daughter, I remember the son killed because he was the sole earner of the house, and the culprits should be hanged. ”

Another victim says that many people have left the terrain but they also want to go from the area but can not go due to the constraints of the money. She says that she is still scared and it does not seem that the Hindu-Muslims will regain peace and tranquility again.

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