Narendra Modi has to give more attention to the safety of women: Christine Lagarde


In India, cases of increasing sexual violence against girls, especially against girls, have begun to draw attention from around the world.

Chief of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Langder has advised Prime Minister Modi to take care of women while stating the alleged rape cases in Kadua and Unnao.

Ledger said that “whatever happened is extremely disgusting. I hope that the Government of India, especially Prime Minister Modi, will pay more attention to this because women of India need it.”

Christine was speaking at the IMF meeting

Ledger, who was very angry with the news agency AFP, said “The question is not about talking about it”.

Liechard also told a story of the beginning of this year when he had quipped on PM Modi in Davos that ‘they do not mention much about women’.

However, Christine made it clear that ‘these are their personal views and they should not be considered as the opinion of their organization.’
What happened in Kathua-Unnao?
According to Cri, who struggles for children’s rights, crimes against children in India have increased by 500 percent in the last 10 years.

In a report of the United Nations in 2014, it was reported that one in three victims of rape in India is a minor.

This month too, two separate incidents in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua and Unnao in Uttar Pradesh have shaken India.

In January this year, an eight-year-old girl was kidnapped and raped and later murdered in Kathua’s Rasana village.

According to the charge-sheet of the Crime Branch of the Jammu and Kashmir Police, it was a deliberate conspiracy against a Muslim sprawling tribe.

The victim, who belonged to the Muslim Gujjar community, had gone missing on January 10 and on January 17, when his body was found from the forests, there was a noticeable mark on his body.

His family had said that his legs were broken and his nails were black.
‘Girl was raped by intoxication’
When the police started the investigation, it was found that the eight-year-old girl was kept in a temple of Rasana village where a minor, including a policeman, raped her for several days.

Apart from this, drugs were given to him.

Investigation of the crime branch found that the guard of the temple, Sanjee Ram, conspired with his minor nephew and son.

Sanji Ram is the retired officer of the Department of Revenue. According to the investigation, the purpose of this conspiracy was to frighten the Muslim guards so that they could sell their land and go from there.

At the same time, a 17-year-old girl has accused a local BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengor of rape in Unnao.

When the victim took his complaint to the police, an FIR was not registered against Sengar.
‘Beaten Peeta’s father to Unnao’
Also, BJP leaders came in support of Sengar. After this the afflicted family resorted to the court.

But according to the victim’s side, pressure was made to withdraw the case on them. When the victim did not expect justice for anywhere, she tried to self-sacrifice outside the chief minister’s house.

Even after this, instead of interrogating the MLA, the police stopped the victim’s father in jail.

According to the allegations, Kuldeep Sengar’s brother, father of the victim, beat him on April 3 after which he died in custody.

There was no flaw in Sengar even after this. But at about the same time, the incident of Kathua started appearing across the country and the investigations into this matter between the increasing pressure was handed over to the CBI.

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