Misha accused Ali Zafar of sexual harassment

_100947754_davumnaxuaityfi.jpgThe famous singer, actress and model of Pakistan, Misha Shafi has accused artist and singer Ali Zafar for sexual harassment. Ali Zafar has called all these allegations as baseless and asked to take this case to court.

Ali Zafar has also worked in many Bollywood films such as ‘Dear Zindagi’.

Meisha tweeted Zafar on sexual harassment. Almost 4 hours ago, these tweets were posted with hashtag #MeToo and soon it became viral. Thousands of comments have also arrived in this tweet.

Misha Shafi writes that ‘I am sharing all this because I think that I am writing what is with me. I want to break the tradition of silence in society. ‘
“Though this is not easy to do, keeping simple silence on sexual harassment is more difficult than it is. My conscience does not testify to me being silent. ”

He writes, “My parents are with me. Ali Zafar did not do this for the first time. This did not happen when I was new to the industry. This happened to me when I was standing on my feet. When I was identified as a woman who runs with her mind. These objections have happened with the mother of two children. ”
Mishra wrote in a tweet that, “With this incident, his whole family is also in shock. I know Ali for the last several years. I have worked with them. I am hurt by this behavior, but it is also true that such a person has not been with me alone.

“Today I hope that breaking my silence will be an example for others. They will feel that they can keep their point. We have the right to speak and we will use it. ”

Meisha is a well-known name in Pakistan, while Ali Zafar has also been associated with many big brands including Coke Studio.

Ali Zafar has said these allegations wrong.

He wrote on Twitter: “I am fully aware of and also supported by the #MeToo movement. I am the father of a young daughter and son. I am the husband of a woman and the son of a mother. I am a person who has stood for many times for himself, for his family, for his colleagues and friends. I am still doing this today. I have not done anything that needs to be hidden. Quiet living is not really an option. ”
“I deny every allegation made by Meisha Shafi. I believe in settling this matter in practical way better than accusing them of any kind here. ”

Zafar wrote in a tweet that “I want to proceed with the legal matter in this matter, not by alleging it here or on social media. This is a serious matter and I will take it professionally

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