Love to Hina Sidhu is no less than any movie with me: Ronak Pandit


In the Commonwealth Games held in the Gold Coast of Australia, Hina Sidhu shot her gold medal in the shooting.

25m As soon as Hina Sidhu won gold medal in air pistol, she turned back and embraced her coach and husband Ronak Pandit. Then the ronak pundit happily raised him in the dock.

The moment the photographers standing there captured beautifully, everyone raised a question in everyone’s mind – after all, what is the story of this relationship.

At that time the picture was very viral.

Soon, we rolled the phone to Rounak Pandit and Hina Sidhu and Ronak Pandit said, “Hahaha … our story is not less than any Bollywood masala film.”
Hina Sidhu doing training
Used to hate each other
In 2006, Ranak Pandit was at the peak of his shooting career. In the 2006 Commonwealth Games, 25 meters with Samaresh Jung Gold medal at Standard Pistol team event won

Then in the same year, in the Asian Games, 25 m Silver medal was won at Standard Pistol event.

Ronak Pandit of Maharashtra used to be training in Balwadi Shooting range of Pune.

The 21-year-old Ranak Pandit, who returned from the medal in shooting, was in his own tune that he came to Balwadi shooting range in Pune with the bundle of his dreams, 17 year old Heena Sidhu.


Hina Sidhu was waiting for this win for 8 years
In his shoot, accurate, sharp and inclined to fulfill the dream, in some sense, somehow Ranaak Pandit understood Hina Sidhu at first glance.

If both were stubborn and nakkhelel then how could they become a talk at one time?

Ronak Pandit points out that both of them started hating each other. If Hina Sidhu did not like to see Ronak Pandit, then Ranaak Pandit also used to cut Kanni.

Ronak Pandit says, “For nearly a half years, we have not spoken to each other.”
Hina Sidhu and Ronak Pandit in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris after marriage
Foreign coach fees!

Ronak Pandit points out that in order to strengthen his preparedness he thought of keeping a Ukrainian coach, Anantoli as coach.

But filling out foreign coach fees alone was not easy. So they thought why they should be friends with Hina Sidhu and the fee will be cut in two people.

Ronak Pandit told from the BBC that he and Hina Sidhu were friends in 2009-10 and gave all the credit to the Ukrainian coach ‘Fees’!
Heena Sidhu and Ronak Pandit after marriage
Izhar-e-Ishq, sitting on the knees

When both of them started learning together inside a coach, they also knew each other. Hina Sidhu and Ronak Pandit started showing their numbers in each other.

Then even after training, both of them started spending time. Ronak Pandit points out that both of them never talked to each other for heart, but they continued to feel the things of the heart.

Then one evening, Ranak Pandit and Hina Sidhu went to see a movie in a Delhi mall.

After watching the movie, when one rushed to a restaurant, the renowned Pandit explains that ‘I thought it would not be a good chance. Without thinking of anything I sat on the knee without any ring in hand and told Hina with heart ‘

Hina Sidhu was completely surprised and smiled and then said to the famous Pandit.
Heena Sidhu doing training in Maharashtra Rifle Association
The 2012 London Olympics breaks but …
Heena Sidhu shot 10 m in Commonwealth in 2010. Air pistol team won gold medal in match

At the time of 2011, all the shooters were engaged in preparations for the 2012 London Olympics. Heena Sidhu felt that he would be coaching with a ronaak pundit.

At that time, Ranak Pandit was also dissatisfied with his career and thought that helping Heena Sidhu would be the right decision.

So Ronak Pandit became coach from Heena Sidhu’s 2011.

During that time, a relationship of both of them had started privately that now Ranak and Hina were in the role of coaches and students.

Both of the training times were focused on training only, but there was a lot of fight during training.

Ronak Pandit felt that a psychiatrist also needs to understand the mental conditions related to the game. So he included Heena Sidhu and a famous Canadian sports psychiatrist for himself. Came again 2012 Olympics.

Hina Sidhu’s hard work and training was giving all the results. Heena qualifying for the final, that the noise of the crowd supporting the opponent got distracted and he could not reach the final.

This incident shook Hina Sidhu from inside. For about two months they have been unaware of it.

Then it felt that the relationship of both would not end. Ronak Pandit tells the BBC that Hina Sidhu began to feel that both of us fight so much, this relationship will not progress further.

But Raukak Pandit was confident and he asked Hina Sidhu to give time.

During that time, the sports psychiatrist of Canada helped both of them and with time all began to be alright.
Hina Sidhu and Ronak Pandit with Canadian psychiatrist
Marriage in 2013
Now both tournaments started to look strong like a team and both of them decided to get married in 2013.

After marriage, Hina Sidhu tells that 2014 is the best year for her. That year she had reached the top of the shooting world. He became the first Indian shooter to do this

After winning gold medal in the Commonwealth Games this year, when talked to Hina Sidhu, she gave credit to the famous Pandit Pandit who gave him 10m. 25 m from air pistol event Air pistol helped in coming.

But to be seen as the hero of this victory, it is a belief that between Heena Sidhu and Ronak Pandit is not only a coach and a student but also in the relationship of husband and wife.

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