Learn from Indian Ambassadors How life goes in North Korea

_97966015_gettyimages-850352622.jpgNorth Korea is the secret to the world? What do you know about North Korea?

Who knows how true is that? There is no free press in North Korea. There is no opposition. Whatever information is available there, how does it come?

This small country is the most important issue for the leaders of the world in the United Nations General Assembly. In the same month, in 1948, Korea was partitioned, and two new countries were born on the map of the world in the form of North Korea and South Korea.

In today’s day, South Korea has made a lot of progress on the road, while North Korea is discussed every day for new sanctions, missile tests and threats.

North Korea is constantly testing missiles and ignores every warning of the United Nations. Restrictions and restrictions are done every two-three months but they do not stop there.

In the decade of the 1980s, South Korea was on the path of progress in double digits. South Korea had a shadow of America, then North Korea was the shadow of the communist country China and Russia.

Trump threat, dogs barking like: North Korea

America cleansing sea from broom: North Korean newspaper

How does it feel from within North Korea?

Why the silence in North Korean embassy in Delhi?
Korea surrounded by superpowers
Jagjit Singh Sapra was India’s ambassador to North Korea from 1997 to 1999. He told , “When North Korea and South Korea were one, then Russia, China and Japan were trying to have complete control over them. It is a strategically important country, so trying to control Korea is a historical fact. ”

In 1910, Japan made North Korea its own colony. Japan even used to say that North Korea is his own. Sapra says that Koreans are completely different. In Mongolian nose-map, the Korean Japanese and Chinese are completely different.

Sapra says, “There is a lot of cultural parallel between North and South Korea. They are so diligent that they will be surprised to see. I was from 1988 to 1991 in South Korea. During that time, I also saw that the Korean worked hard. At that time, I felt South Korean citizens wanted both countries to be one. North Korean citizens too wanted that they be together. ”
North Korea Mysteries
Professor Vaijayanti Raghavan of the Korean Studies Center at Jawaharlal Nehru University says, “North Korea is really a secret for us. It is difficult to get information from there. Whatever we know, we know only through the media of the West. They themselves do not say anything and what they say is so wrapped in propaganda that it is difficult to trust them. ”

He said, “North Korea wants to keep itself in mystery. This is their policy. North Korea is constantly testing missile. The nuclear program is also developing. They are also secretly selling missile technology. ”

“Therefore, North Korea is not as easy as for Libya and Iraq. America is not only in this area but Russia and China are still here. Russia and China have sympathy towards North Korea, but to a lesser extent Russia and China will not tolerate much. ”

North Korea does anything, then America looks towards China. In fact, 80 percent of North Korea’s trade is from China. In such a situation, it is imperative for the United States to look towards China.
Sapra says, “Koreans are surrounded by two great powers. On one side is China and Japan on the other side. Japan is also present in South Korea and South Korea. In such a way, North Korea feels insecure. While living in Korea, you can feel that they do not want to depend on anyone. They always want to be self-sufficient. ”

U.S. Proposals
He said, “North Korea does not have much surprise in its own way. In the last 15 years, what is happening in Iraq, Libya and now in Syria, North Korea’s leadership wants to keep itself capable.

Sapra said, “America and the West countries had entered into an agreement with North Korea in 1994. The United States had said that North Korea did not run nuclear programs. North Korea said it was running a nuclear program for peaceful use. He was saying that he is doing this for energy. In return, America had offered to build a light water reactor. ”
North Korea needs energy as the temperature reaches minus 20 degrees. North Korea was ready on the American proposal. However, this agreement did not reach the point because the government had changed in the US. When this agreement was reached, Bill Clinton was in power. Later Republicans came into the cold storage.

Cold War in East still did not end
He said, “Later, after the defeat of Iraq and Libya, the attitude of North Korea also changed. It is not that the person who had his official stance on the American offer would also have been behind the same screen. It is possible that their nuclear program may still be running. As an example, you can see it with Iran. There is also agreement with Iran, but no one knows what he is doing. ”

Sapra says, “Even though the cold war in Europe has ended, there is still a cold war situation in the east. China and Russia do not want the United States to reach their border.

Ethically China and Russia are with North Korea. ”
In the early 1980s, there was no difference in the situation of North Korea and South Korea. At that time the citizens of both countries had the same status. At that time the Soviet Union was not broken. There was communist rule. Everyone used to get home and there was no shortage of food and drink. Their business was very good with the Soviet Union.

In the late 1980s, only South Korea’s growth happened in double digits. On the other hand, the Soviet Union collapsed. Due to the collapse of the Soviet Union, North Korea did not trade with the other Communist countries through water. In this situation, North Korea had to face the financial crisis.

How do you see India in North Korea?
Sapra says, “When we did a diplomatic program, the foreign ministry had to send a list to see who was coming. He never made any changes in that list. The one who wanted to come came.

“North Korean never talk about their leader. There is no such thing as freedom of expression. There is respect for the citizens of the Kim family. It is also from fear and people also believe in it. ”
How is the image of India and Indians in North Korean nation? On this, Jagjit Singh Sapra said that North Korean citizens have great love for Indians in mind. They are very much respected by India as a nation. Both India and North Korea are non-aligned countries.

India has helped a lot of small countries in Africa and South-East Asia. India has always provided food and medicine to North Korea.

Sapra says, “We did what we did in North Korea but it is fine but what we did not do it is okay. Just as Pakistan is said to have passed through nuclear technology. We did not do any such thing because we do not believe in the policy that someone should be given something secretly. ”

Pakistan’s role in North Korea’s nuclear program

Sapra said, “There are also ambassadors of Pakistan in North Korea. I used to talk to them too. Now no one will accept this fact that he has transferred the technology. While staying in North Korea for three years, I have observed some things which create suspicion.

“When I was in North Korea, there were both ambassadors in Pakistan in the Army Man. It is interesting that both of them were very close to the top leadership of North Korea. Now what he used to say was not written, but something was happening. ”

In North Korea, from Julfikar Ali Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto has visited. Sapra says that there was a connection between the big ones. When the Pakistani leaders went to China, then North Korea also went away.

On the role of Pakistan in North Korea’s nuclear program, Vaijayanti Raghavan says, “There is a lot of help from Pakistan in North Korea’s nuclear program. In the Government of Benazir Bhutto, the help of North Korea has been provided through Aku Khan. North Korea has got reactors from Pakistan and Pakistan has got missile technology from North Korea.
Jagjit Singh Sapra, India’s Ambassador to North Korea
North Korea on India’s nuclear test
Raghavan said, “Pakistan has got the technology of Gauri Missile from North Korea only. China was not uninformed by what was happening in Pakistan and North Korea but she looked out Benazir Bhutto and her father have gone on a trip to North Korea. ”

“North Korea’s China is the largest trade partner. North Korea has always been saying that if the five countries of the world have nuclear weapons then all countries should have.

Sapra said, “When India tested nuclear in 1998, I was right there. North Korea was the first country to support this step of India. North Korea had said that India needed it North Korea’s stance was that if China has an atom bomb, why should not India have an atom bomb?

The technical training that was received by the North Korean students in the Setar for Space Science and Technology in Asia and the Pacific, located in Dehradun, also came under siege. Sapra says that in 2006 India had banned this training. The United Nations objected to this training in India
Sapra told that during the Cold War, North Korea had made all its factories underground. All the factories of making weapons are their underground. In this case, they have developed a lot of infrastructure. Sapra says that North Korea has missile technology.

Libya and Iraq are not North Korea

He said that no one should doubt this on. The Embassy of China and Russia in Pyongyang is quite strong. Here there are schools, clubs and direct contact with power. North Korea is connected to the train from Moscow and Beijing.

Sapra said, “The way America operates in Iraq and Libya is not as easy as in North Korea. North Korea has weapons for the match. The extent to which it seems to be from South Korea, there is a large mine. The mountains are very good in North Korea. ”

“They have kept too many tunnels too. They have also deployed their missiles. Where to target, all is marked.

However, there are no favors for civil war there. They want to have good relations with the US. China and Russia will not let North Korea go to war. There will be no diplomatic solution.
North Korea is a beautiful country
North Korea is a land rich in natural resources. Sapra said, “There are 8 to 16 trillion dollars in North Korea. Their price is much higher in the international market. If the peace system is established in this country, happiness here is not far away. The auto industry is of great quality. India used to import auto parts from here. ”

Sapra says, “North Korea is one of the most beautiful countries of the world. Although we were not free to go out there Permission had to be taken from the Ministry of External Affairs. The mountains of the desert are beautiful. People here are very disciplined Keep cleanliness very much. ”

“People on the weekend get together and get cleaned up. North Korea is an example of cleanliness. They do not waste food and drink. We also had two Made of North Korea. They did not waste all at all.

Status of women
The women who are capable women are given the services of the country. When women become mothers, they are sent to community hall.

Those women have to leave the children in the community hall and go to work. I have also seen the children that when they get out, they come out with a book or do drawing. I have not seen things like the awakagirdi, but I have not seen it.
Amazing stadium
Their sports stadiums are amazing. When the Olympics were held in South Korea in 1988, they had also set up their stadiums. It was then said that the Olympics would be played in both countries. Then there was an environment that did not match. At the stadium of North Korea, the Bangalore Club is now a great stadium. They also win medal in the Olympics. North Korea is a polluting country.

Which religion in North Korea?
50% of people in South Korea are atheists 25 percent are Buddhists and the rest 25 percent are Christians and other religions. North Korea is a communist country, so here religion is completely in the open, but there are Buddhist temples here.

Shankar Dayal Sharma went to North Korea as India’s Vice President in the 90’s. Apart from this, no other high profile tour has happened to India.
RP Singh, who was India’s Ambassador to North Korea from 2002 to 2004, says, “At the time of Kim Jong-il, it was still fine, but the leadership which is today is far from the public. Until Kim Jong-Shung, the situation was fine. ”

“It is not that the public has love for this family. People are silent because they have fear in their minds. The current leadership has become isolated in the world. She is ending her own country

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