Kiran becomes Muslim after going to Pakistan, childrens are waiting

_100942972_gettyimages-545169724.jpgKiran Bala went to Pakistan to celebrate Baisakhi festival on 12th April, but since April 16, she has no known at all.

The 33-year-old Kiran was from the Sikh community and nearly 1800 went to Pakistan with the other Sikhs.

Kiran’s husband has been waiting and she is living in Garsh Shankar of Hoshiarpur.

His family, who is living in India due to his sudden disappearance like this, is worried and fears that Kiran has not been trapped in any “trouble” in Pakistan.
Gopal Singh Chawla, secretary of the Gurdwara Management Committee of Lahore, told the Amritsar journalist Ravinder Singh Robin on the phone, “Yes, we have come to know that Kiran had come with the jatha but now he has no news. If complaint is to be registered then it will be from the side of the administration, we have no role in it. ”

He further said, “We have also come to know that they had accepted Islam and we oppose it.”

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Kiran used to live in Garhshankar with her eight-year-old daughter, two younger sons and mother-in-law.

His father Tarasam Singh is a gurudwara (priest) in the village. They say that he spoke to his daughter three days before the phone.

They said, “Kiran said that he will not come back. I thought he was kidding, but when I came to know that he had become a Muslim by going to Lahore, then my senses got flown, I want him to come back and Take care of your children. ”
Tarsem Singh said, “I think that either he has been caught by Pakistani intelligence agencies or he has been trapped in any trouble, he is a member of the SGPC, SGPC should bring it back.”

At the same time, SGPC secretary Daljeet Singh says that he has not received any information about the incident.

Ragib Naimi, manager of Islamabad’s Madrasa Jamia Naimiya, told BBC News correspondent Shumaila Zafri that a Sikh woman named Kiran Bala had expressed her desire to accept Islam after coming to the madrasa on April 16th.
He also said that “Qadri Mubshahr had first ensured that he wanted to humiliate Islam without any pressure and then converted him.”

The officials of the Indian High Commission present in Islamabad say that they do not know anything about it.

In Pakistan, Pakistan spokesman Khwaja Mazah Teh said that he did not even know anything about this. Although he admitted that the visa was granted to go to Pakistan from Delhi High Commission.

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