Kathua case: two ministers of Jammu and Kashmir government resign


In Jammu and Kashmir, two Jammu and Kashmir Ministers who resigned in the Kathua Rape case have given up the controversial statements in support of the accused.

The two ministers have alleged that they incited members of the Hindu Ekta Manch to continue protest against the arrest of Kadua raped accused.

Lal Singh is the Forest Minister in Jammu and Kashmir BJP-PDP coalition government, while Chandra Prakash is the Minister of Industry and Commerce.

Confirming this, senior State BJP spokesman Brig Anil Gupta said, “Both Cabinet Ministers handed over their resignation to state President Satpal Sharma on Friday evening.”

Ram Madhav to reach Srinagar

Tricolor traveled in favor of Kadua accused
Anil Gupta said that the two ministers took this decision as being an honest soldier of the party, since the opposition leaders were attacking the image of the party since the incident.

Meanwhile, party general secretary Ram Madhav will arrive in Jammu on Saturday to review the political situation.

Anil Gupta confirmed that the decision of the party ministers and MLAs in the meeting will be taken on Saturday.

On the other hand, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has asked all the PDP ministers and MLAs to be present in the party meeting scheduled in Srinagar. It is believed that in this meeting, Kathua Rape Case and the subsequent political situation will be discussed.

What did these ministers say?

Lal Singh
In an atmosphere of anger after the rape of an eight-year-old girl in Kathua, an organization called Hindu Ekta Manch, in the wake of the rage, had traveled the tri-color in support of the arrested accused.

These two ministers of the Jammu and Kashmir government were involved in a program of this same Hindu Unity Forum.

It was shown on TV channels that while addressing the people, these BJP leaders also criticized the action of the police. Calling it ‘Jungle Raj’, he had warned the police officers not to disturb the ‘innocent’ people of this region.

Forest minister Chaudhary Lal Singh publicly supported protesters in favor of the Kadua Rap Case accused. He said, “If you do any agitation, do so with full force, or else sit at home, what is 144 what is it? A girl has died and so much investigation is being done, here too many women have died before.”

In such a video Chandra Prakash Ganga says, “We will not allow this jungle rule to run. The police is picking people with their will, what kind of investigation are they doing?”

Ground Report: Hindu-Muslim ditch after Kathua rap, and appeared

Who is the victim’s  lawyer of a Kathua rap case?

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