If country like Finland, but why?

_95389967_38216957-4c97-421f-a047-797a735978e3.jpgLondon, Berlin, Paris and many other big cities are among thriving countries of Europe. One common thing in all these cities is that the homelessness problem has not been solved here.

Despite the good social welfare system, people here are sleeping on the streets. So far the problems of homelessness have not ended in these cities.

Here is an exception. Finland is the only country in the European Union that has destroyed the homelessness problem. Citizens of many EU countries are battling shortage of houses. It is not a big problem for the poor people here.

These are Finland’s boxed-up babies
Britain has found in a parliamentary inquiry that between 2014 and 2015, there has been an increase of 30 percent in the number of sleepers in England on the road between England and 2015.

The homeless organization in the European Union estimates that in 2009, the number of homeless youth in Denmark increased by 75 percent. One in every 70 people in Athens, Greece, sleeps on the road.
After all, how did Finland overcome this problem?
This country of northern Europe has helped generously with homelessness. Other countries provide temporary and conditional help to homeless people.

Finland arranges apartments for homeless people Simultaneously, social workers are employed to improve their quality of life. Here jobs are also done for them.

Zuma Kakinen, manager of Y Foundation, who gave 16,300 homes to homeless families in Finland, said, “We have started giving them apartments on a contract. They have full rights like any tenant. If they need more support then we help. ”
The emphasis was laid by the Foundation that the homelessness is getting a permanent solution here, whereas temporary shelter is provided in other countries. They said, “Most homeless people do not need extra help, but if they need any help, then we help.

Kakinen says, “We will definitely continue our efforts.” According to an estimate in Finland, seven thousand people are still homeless. If a person is homeless in our country, then it is not less

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