How strong the PDP was to its stance on the Kathua issue

_100935756_gettyimages-82534338.jpgBJP leader Lal Singh, who was forced to resign from the post of minister, has taken a decision to re-target the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti in the Jammu and Kashmir Government and the Chief Minister of the state.

On Tuesday, the former Forest Minister reiterated the demand of handing over the investigation of the case to the CBI and said that those who are responsible for preparing the communal ‘preparedness’ in the state should listen to their conscience and leave the post.

Lal Singh’s stand can be seen as an attempt by the BJP to pressure Mehbooba Mufti. Particularly also that politically, PDP has managed to retract the BJP in the Kathua case.

Political analyst Basheer Manzar says, “The crack in the PDP’s assassination, Mehbooba has managed to fill it up to some extent.”
Lal Singh
Although BJP is accused of giving communal color to the matter and it is being said that the PDP saw it as a golden opportunity to keep its slip-down population (which is mainly Muslim) in the valley. In the whole case, the other parties and especially the Congress stand is repeating itself.

The Congress gave Jammu’s support to the Jammu High Court Bar Association’s Jammu-based organization of lawyers. In his statement, party spokesman Ravinder Sharma also mentioned a controversial issue discussed in the scheduled tribe meeting which is being presented as a conspiracy to settle the Muslim population in Jammu.

There is also a video of Ghulam Ahmed Mir, head of the Congress Party’s Jammu and Kashmir unit on social media, in which he is raising questions about ‘being outside the real culprits’ and investigating.

Regional Panthers Party also supported lawyers’ strike.
The Jammu High Court Bar Association had been raising the demand for the abduction of an eight-year-old girl, kept in jail for a week, a gang rape and murder case for CBI, who organized a Hindu solidarity forum like the BJP’s minister or the organization of Hindutva ideology. Are there.

The discussion that was held in the non-legal settlement of Rohingya Muslims and in the scheduled tribe meeting, also mentioned in the reasons for the closure of the Bar Association.

According to news reports in the media, in the departmental meeting it was said that before removing any person from the Scheduled Tribes from the forest land, consultation with the Scheduled Tribes Department is very important.

The Gujjar Bakarwals, marked as Scheduled Tribes in the India-administered Jammu and Kashmir, belong to the Muslim community.

Jammu is a Hindu-majority area and in that situation, trying for any kind of change is not easy in the field.
Social worker and high court lawyer Ankur Sharma sees this growing population of Muslims as Pakistani intelligence agency “ISI and intrigue of Islamization”.

During the conversation in Jammu, he claimed that “there is subsidy from many Islamic organizations to buy Muslim property in Jammu.”

In the Kathua rape-murder case, defendant’s lawyer Ankur Sharma also challenged the state’s light law to challenge the court. Under this law, it was to give ownership rights to the people living illegally on the government land by taking a market rate.

In this case also, he argues that under this law only action has been taken in the cases of Muslims who were Muslims. The CAG had also raised questions in its report on this law, but there was no mention of religious-based decisions.
Bakarwal Community
The case
All these cases are not directly related to the Kathua rape-murder case, but as a backdrop, they clean many cases. In particular, the Fiza that appears clearly in the area after this case.

The Crime Branch’s charge sheet submitted before the magistrate states that this matter is related to the settlement of land and land in some places, against which Chief and the other accused were against.

In recent times, Gujjar Bakarat has built houses in many districts of Jammu. At the same time, in the city of Jammu itself, the process of buying property of the people of the valley has also become sharper compared to the earlier.

The issue of movement of cattle (cows) and the clashes that have taken place have also been heard from many places in this area in recent days. For this, some people had accused the Bakarwas in Kathua.
Trying hard
Basheer Manzar believes that the people of the valley have purchased property in the Jammu region in recent days, but they say that these people who are economically better, who were earlier used to cut the winter season in Jammu.

He says, ‘Instead of living in rented houses, they have built houses there. But such houses or flats have also made a section of Kashmiris in Bengaluru and Gurgaon. ”

The distance between the valley and Jammu has increased with issues like Amarnath, and its political parties came to see clearly when 25 of the 37 seats of the Jammu region went to the BJP’s account in the last election.

Most of the PDP seats were towards the valley.

The incident of economic and socially backward Gujjar Bakarwal is echoing in Kashmir where their contact has been very limited.

A section of the Jammu region was watching it in the light of the Muslim-Hindu and in the struggle to present the community anti-India

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