How does kathua and Unnaav differ from the rest of the rape cases?

_100835980_collage1.jpgCongress President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday when the canadal march took place on Thursday in connection with the murder of Kathua gangrap and Unnav rape, it also mentioned special mention on social media.

From Twitter to Facebook, many people appreciated him and many accused him of politics. Even many people had said that in Congress ruled Karnataka, there are hundreds of rape every year; Why do not Rahul Gandhi castle march against them?

In addition, many people say there are hundreds of cases of rape in India every year, then why is there so much greed for it?

What is it that separates these two cases from the remaining cases of rape? In Uttar Pradesh’s Unnao rape case, the legislators of ruling BJP are accused in the case. At the same time, rallies were taken out of the tricolor in support of people who had been accused in the gangrape case with the eight-year-old girl in Kathua of Jammu and Kashmir.

If, in this sense, this rape case seems normal to anyone, then they will have to understand the whole background, in which the participation of the first state is seen.
Kuldeep Singh Sengor is the fourth MLA
BJP MLA accused of being MLA
BJP MLA from Unnao Kuldeep Singh Sengar has become the MLA for the fourth time this time. Through SP and BSP, he has come to BJP. A 17-year-old girl accused her of raping in June 2017.

This case of rape can be distinguished from the point that when the victim went to the police, she did not register an FIR against Sengar. Also BJP supporters came back in support of Sengar. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also summoned him but Lucknow was seen in this case.

After this, the victim’s family resorted to the court, after which the victim’s side alleged that the pressure was made to withdraw the case on her. When the victim did not expect justice for anywhere, she tried to self-sacrifice outside the chief minister’s house.
In the case of Sanger Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has said that the culprits will not be spared
After this the father of the opposite sex was locked up in jail. According to the allegations, the victim’s father Kuldeep Sengar’s brother beat him on April 3 after which he died in custody.

After this, there was no flaw in Sengar. Finally, the case was transferred to the CBI from Uttar Pradesh Police, after which the CBI took him into custody on Friday and now he is being questioned.
Rally was removed in support of the accused
The alleged nationalism on the gangrape is huge?
The fact that the Kathua Gangrape case has so far revealed in the investigation also makes it abnormal.

Eight-year-old Muslim girl, gangrape in the temple and then killing, these are some of the episodes of the Kathua Gangrape of Jammu. However, the charge sheet filed by the Crime Branch of the Jammu and Kashmir Police shows that it was a deliberate conspiracy against a Muslim sprawling tribe.

The victim, who belonged to the Muslim Gujjar community, had gone missing on January 10 and on January 17, when his body was found from the forests, there was a noticeable mark on his body.

His family had said that his legs were broken and his nails were black.

When the police started the investigation, it was found that the eight-year-old girl was kept in a temple of Rasana village where a minor, including a policeman, raped her for several days. Apart from this, drugs were given to him.

Investigation of the crime branch found that the guard of the temple, Sanjee Ram, conspired with his minor nephew and son.
Sanjee Ram is retired officer from the Department of Revenue. According to the investigation, the purpose of this conspiracy was to frighten the Muslim guards so that they could sell their land and go from there.

It appears to be a bit of success as some people of the Gujjar community, including the families of the victims, have left the area.

The case does not end here. When eight people were made accused in this case, the tri-color journey was carried out in support of them. It was fully prepared with this. Accused Sanjee Ram, along with local leader Ankur Sharma, created and performed a Hindu Integration platform, which included two ministers of Jammu and Kashmir Government.

The incident of rally in support of the accused in the gang rape case may have happened in India for the first time. Apart from this, a gap between Jammu and Kashmir has also seen wide spread.

Some of the people of Jammu who were carrying out tricolor rallies in support of the accused. At the same time, the common people and separatists also performed in order to bring justice to the victim child in India-administered Kashmir.

Gangrepe case supporters of the accused tried to make the issue of nationalism. When the team of crime branch reached the court on Monday to file a charge sheet of the case, the lawyers raged and the chargesheets were not received, they tried its best.

Also, allegations of possession of land on gujjars are being imposed and local BJP leader Vijay Sharma says that the police is not investigating the land for possession of the land.

If all sides are kept in mind, then it is also the biggest and strong side of the case with the victim. But in the case of the rally in support of the accused, the color of nationalism was given to the nation, it certainly comes from politics.

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