Democrats sue trump, Russia and WikiLeaks


In the US, the Democratic Party is suing Russia, Trump’s election campaign and website WikiLeaks for plotting to obstruct Presidential elections in 2016.

In the documents filed in court, it has been alleged that Trump “gladly accepted Russia’s help to win the election.”

Although President Donald Trump has dismissed these accusations, Russia has denied these allegations.

Many investigations are already underway in the case.
US intelligence agencies first came to the conclusion that Russia tried to make the election in favor of the trump.

BBC correspondent Nick Bryant in Washington says that many see the Democrats as a publicity stunt to file lawsuits.

If anyone accepts the lawsuit, then something new will not happen. Because the case is already under investigation.

The lawsuit has been filed in Manhattan’s federal court, in which accused Trepan’s son Jared Kushner, former campaign manager Paul Manfort and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange were made accused.

Trump’s son-in-law denied denial of Russia

The first report was published in this case in May 2016. In the next two months, the US intelligence agency detected Russian interventions in the case.

On the occasion of the National Convention of the Democratic Party, WikiLeaks published 20,000 Hackers stolen emails.

America’s intelligence officials strongly believe that Russia was behind the Trump campaign but Trump’s campaign team has openly dismissed its findings.

Donald Trump hands over US sanctions on Russia

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